A Letter From God
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A Letter From God

You are mine.

A Letter From God
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I hear your thoughts.

"My hair is too thin," "My thighs are too big," "My nose is too big," I hear it all.

I know your thoughts on your stomach and the acne that gets so bad you refuse to leave your room without makeup on. I hear you talk about how you want a bigger butt and a smaller waist. I see you stalk strangers on Instagram who look like you wish you did. I hear you compare yourself to other girls. I even heard your tears the night that guy broke your heart because he told you "you'd be more attractive if you were skinnier."

I hear it all and it breaks my heart, child.

I know you think you aren't pretty enough. But I did not create you to be enough for this world. I didn't even create you for this world. I created you for something so much bigger than getting 100 likes on your most recent selfie. I created you to be in a relationship with me, your Father. I created you to find joy in your purpose, not to see how you look on a Friday night.

I designed you. Every part of you. Even that piece of hair that will never straighten and the freckles you try so hard to hide. I created your body shape, and your hair. I created you in the image of Me; for a reason far greater than being gawked at.

Maybe someone has told you that you're ugly. Maybe you've heard comments that other insecure girls have made about you. Maybe that one boy told you you weren't worth it. But I promise you, child, you are worth so much more. Every inch of you is beautiful, and your ability to walk with me is your greatest and most beautiful gift.

Know your worth.

Know that you may never be pretty enough for this world, but this world has no importance. You were created the way you are for a reason.

You may not feel beautiful, but I hung the stars and painted the sea, and made you in the image of Me.

And that is beautiful.

You are mine,


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