Sometimes, we overlook what makes us who we are. Below, is a letter I have written to myself and hopefully it encourages you. Just think, “How much better would life be if I admired myself?”

Dear self,

You are unlike any other -- physically and mentally. Your love toward others is something to be praised and you're so endearing. The simplicity of your being yet your uniqueness wrapped into one; it’s strange you’re so small because you contain so many big, beautiful things. From giving gifts on a whim to sending encouraging words for no reason, you are kind.

Who says Beyoncé is flawless? Have they seen your hair and your eyes? Your eyes are the sky and everyone wants to fly in them. Your sparkling white teeth hide behind that crooked, little smile that sheds every time a stranger compliments you. From your petite toes to the perfectly arched brows of your eyes, everything about you is worth loving.

The way you obsess over the little things -- vinyl records, the stars and chocolate milk -- is charming. Your writing is unlike anything else -- the style is one of a kind. You're clever yet quirky; your narcissistic but humble personality wins over anyone within earshot.

You are a warrior with beauty that radiates from within. Your confidence is admirable. You let your self-worth be known.

You are it, Clarissa. The world is waiting on you.

I encourage you to write out all of the things that make you, you, and go from there.

A big “thank you” to Bella Grace magazine for the inspiration!