To the manager who always pushes me to be better:

Thank you.

Though most people don't like you or agree with you, I have to say that you're probably one of my favorite managers that I have ever had.

And I really think it's because you push me. You make me work for your respect, work to be recognized and always strive to be better. Even if I think I am doing good, you always make me notice where I can be better. You have really helped me strive in my work ethic, because part of me wants you to be proud of me.

Thank you for always joking with me and making me look forward to the shifts I work with you. Thank you for buying me food when it's been a crazy long day and I'm closing and haven't eaten since breakfast and you think I deserve it because I've been working hard.

Thanks for getting to know me and still treating me with respect even when we have views that differ on things like religion and politics.

Some days, you get on my nerves like none other. You know how to press every single one of my buttons and make me want to strangle you. And other days, the best part of my crazy shift is the stupid joke you tell me in passing.

Thank you. As much as I complain and you annoy me, you have pushed me to be a better worker and to be proud of the work I do.

That is a skill I will take into life with me from this day forward, and I cannot thank you enough.