A Letter To The Struggling Student
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Student Life

A Letter To The Struggling Student

No one ever said it would be easy, but they also didn't say it would be this hard.

A Letter To The Struggling Student
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The semester is still fresh and young, yet somehow the pieces aren't falling into place quite as well as you'd thought they would. Something is jammed, something is missing, something is just off. The classes are harder then you'd thought they'd be. The projects are more intensive. Maybe you have a group member isn't very corporative or you're simply not vibing with the material. Maybe you're struggling has nothing to do with academia and more to do with your home life and relationships.

Whatever the reason, school isn't as easy as you'd thought it would be.

I struggled through high school but I always managed to get good grades. Not the best grades, but good ones. Then I hit college and my world came crashing down. Due to personal reasons and a visit to the hospital I wasn't in school for two weeks. In high school that's nothing, but in college that's the difference between most people dropping out for the semester or not. However, I stayed and preserved. I made it through my freshmen year fairly smoothly from then on. I even joyfully declared my major.

Then sophomore year came, and I took harder classes. GIS 1 has been by far my hardest. I didn't think it would be easy, but it's been harder then I anticipated. But that's okay. I'm struggling and surviving. I will pass all of my classes. I will make it through school. I will obtain my degree.

I know this semester has been hard for you. Maybe college is just hard, or something is particularly brutal about this semester. That's A-Okay, things happen and things don't always go to plan. There are people on campus to help you, you just have to reach out. As intimidating as it maybe if you don't understand the material I highly encourage you to reach out to your professors. If you're having emotional difficulties, reach out to your universities counseling center. There are resources and people out there to help you.

You've got this. I believe in you.

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