A Letter To The Roommate I Didn't Think I Wanted
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Student Life

A Letter To The Roommate I Didn't Think I Wanted

Having a roommate is something most college students experience. Once in awhile you're lucky enough that the stranger you were randomly paired with becomes your best friend.

A Letter To The Roommate I Didn't Think I Wanted
Bethany Buckner

A letter to the roommate I didn’t think I wanted,

As an only child, I always dreaded the thought of going to college and living with a roommate. The idea of sharing a confined space with a complete stranger sounded absolutely horrible. Well, then I chose a college that doesn’t offer private rooms. When room assignments were posted I stalked her Facebook like any other teenage girl and I decided that she was going to hate me. About a week before we moved in she called and introduced herself. Somewhere in the conversation, she said, “I’m awkward, my Mom made me call” even though she claims she didn’t, I promise she did. On move-in day, I was scared to meet her. I still wasn’t sure how I felt. It wasn’t until the first night when we were lying in our bunk beds that I jokingly asked if she liked guacamole, like in the movie Stepbrothers, and she laughed that I thought we just might be friends. So, I thought I would share some of the things that I am most grateful for.

Thanks for…

Not making me eat in the cafeteria alone.

Chicken strip Wednesday wouldn’t be the same if I had to fight the crowd by myself.

Letting me drag you to campus events and staying longer than the 30 minutes we agreed on.

Let’s be honest for a second. We both know that you end up having more fun than you say and you would be so sad if you never saw me dance to Shake It Off.

Being my mom away from mom.

Someone has to keep me in check when my Mom isn’t around and you lucked out and got the job. There was also that time that I tripped and you helped a sister out and that was pretty great of you.

Introducing me to "The Office."

Does this really need an explanation?

Going to see Celebrate the 70's.

Because even though we were both born in the mid-90's, you know that Barry Williams is my Oprah.

Letting me share all my useless celebrity trivia.

Even though you have no idea who I’m talking about you will always sound smart if someone else brings them up.

Being my best friend, and planning all our future best friend shenanigans.

So if you are headed to college and the idea of having a roommate really worries you, my advice is to just give it a chance. Because I wouldn’t trade my roomie for anything and if you pass on a roommate you’ll probably miss out on a lot of fun.

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