To The Professors Who Actually Care About Their Students

Thank you. Thank you for motivating me. Thank you for giving me pep talks when I need it. And finally, thank you for caring for me.

Without your support, I kind of don't know where I would be.

I probably wouldn't have gotten good grades the past few years.

I probably wouldn't have applied to grad schools.

I probably would have given up and gone out to the workforce.

I have been vulnerable, scared, confused, and depressed. I have shown you guys my other side. The side that doesn't show strength as everyone says.

I have told you about my family, about my rape, about my depression. You have given me extensions, which were much needed. All my professors did. They recognized my struggle and helped me out. It is and always will be much appreciated. You went a step further. The best thing you gave me was your words.

"My office is always open"

"Time put in your own future is critical"

"Your physical and mental health are of the utmost importance. So focus on that first. When you are ready, come and see me and we will get you caught up."

"Please keep me posted with how you are doing"

The days where you stop me and ask how I am.

The days where you stop me and ask if I had enough sleep, or how many hours I've worked that week.

The days where you ask me how my family is.

The days where you don't show me sympathy, when everyone else does.

I've shown you my articles, and you actually have read them. You commented on them. You made me feel validated.

Yes, I have been through a lot. But people like you are the reason I continue on. I cannot thank you enough. I will never be able to. But I want you to know I am beyond thankful. Words will never be enough.

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