A doctor recently advised me to do something every day that you love while surrounding yourself with ones you love. This is the greatest therapy anyone can receive. Whether it be watching an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, listening to music, or going for a run, everyone should partake in activities that can help us stay focused on goals that we set for ourselves. We also must surround ourselves with people who are supportive.

Cutting out toxic people is essential in life. friends and family members who give your life meaning are meant to stay in your life. They understand your goals and lift you up in order to achieve these goals. Setting goals is important, and the road to reach these goals is never smoothly paved. In order to get over the bumps in the road, do something every day that makes you smile while interacting with ones who are important to you.

Dancing was always my outlet, and getting injured meant the inability to escape reality. I was forced to be surrounded by my problems constantly, causing me to struggle greatly mentally. It was also especially difficult watching friends participate in dance classes, while I had to observe, then later withdraw these classes for my first semester of a fresh start: college.

What made this time especially difficult was the fact that I had worked hard to earn my spot as a dance major through a difficult journey endured for many years.

I wanted to start my career with a clean slate and to advance my training. All of this seemed to pile upon my shoulders, creating this heavyweight that was difficult to carry. It was difficult for me to find something else to do that gave me the same feeling that dance did. For some time, I had no motivation in life to even simply get out of bed in the morning.

When I took the advice from my doctor, my life flipped around. I began to get myself out of bed to do things that I came to find myself enjoying. I exercised, listened to new music, watched shows, and began to write. Just doing one thing a day that gives you joy can truly bring light into your life.

I cannot owe all my happiness all to my decisions to change my lifestyle, but also to my friends and family. I am grateful to say that I met amazing friends at college. After only a short period of time, I have friends that I feel as if I have known forever. We have seen the best and worst of each other and continue to lift each other up constantly.

We laugh, we cry, but most importantly, we all support each other. My family also is a major contributor to my happiness. They are supportive and always know exactly what to say in any given time. Through many hills traveled with friendships, I have learned one important rule: toxic friendships are easy to sight and must be cut off.

The greatest advice I can ever offer to anyone struggling is exactly what was stated before. Make yourself smile and find people in your life that only lift you up.

It never hurts to smile, so make the effort now.