A Letter to My High School Band
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A Letter to My High School Band

Now that the season is over, I just wanted to share some insight

A Letter to My High School Band
Curtis Culwell

My dear dear high school marching band,

So, after 5 long months, your season of reaching for the moon has ended. It's funny, because I don't know what to say. I'm about to cry writing this to y'all. I think it's because this is kind of my last year as well. Sure, I left two years ago, but I was still around because my sister was in it. This was her last year so I guess it was my last year too. I'm sorry, this is not about me, it's about you. So, here are some words that I want to speak over y'all.

I wasn't there so I can't say too much about how you performed. I heard the placement and I keep hearing that you could've have done better. I want y'all to stop thinking like that. If you went out there and performed your heart out, left everything out on the field and had nothing left to give, then you did the absolute best you could have done. Don't you dare let bitter middle aged men with the score sheets determine how well your individual show went. Just don't do it. I promise you, it's not worth it. If you see some stuff that you personally could improve on, then keep improving. But don't improve because some bitter man that doesn't really know you told you that you're only worth 5th place.

I want you guys to know how proud I of you guys. I know your finish doesn't sound as great as second or first or whatever, but that does not mean you didn't improve. I saw the show in it's early days when you barely had the music, and I saw it a week before champs. You're performance amazed me. It will continue to amaze me. And I know that you all had your issues, struggles and drama this season. I'm amazed that you guys are able to push through it.

One thing I think that y'all should do is the minute you read this is to thank those amazing instructors. Whenever you see them next, thank them. Think about the amount of time you spent doing this activity...got that estimate in your head? Now multiply by 10 or 20. That's just a start as to how much time they give up for you...for us. They still give up their time for me and I'm not even their student anymore. So thank them, it's the least you could do for them. Think back on the amazing season you just had. It wouldn't have been half the season without them.

Another thing is you need to thank the prop parents, the the chaperones, the uniform moms, all the parents that you know helped in some way, shape or form. They do not get paid for what they do. Maybe the should get paid for dealing with the stuff they do but they don't. They dedicate so much time for y'all and they deserve your thanks and so much more.

So, I hope you had an amazing season. Seniors, I hope your last season was one worth remembering. Again, I'm truly sorry for not being there. I had a thing going on at school that I couldn't miss. If you're upset about the placement, then work harder for next year. Strive to be your best, not someone else's version of your best. Know that you have amazing instructors that care about you and want you to succeed. Keep your head up and know that you are worthy and that so many people are so proud of all that you've accomplished. Know that I'm proud to come from "the best band on the planet." You are the best band on the planet that reached for the moon and landed among the stars.


A fellow band geek.

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