Dear future students:

Hello, it's your teacher, Ms. Rasch. I cannot wait to meet all of you on the first day of my teaching career. I am so excited to see where the journey of literature and your education will take you. Hopefully, you find some things that really stick along the way.

I know that you may have some nerves about me as a teacher, and I have the same feelings about you. You are some of the brightest young minds I have ever met. Trust me, I haven't even met you yet and I know that you guys are capable of so much more than you think.

Along the way, there will be some occasional road blocks. However, it is my job as a teacher to show you that while those road bumps may be scary, through the power of teamwork, we will get through it together. I also want you to know that it is not just my job, it's my passion to teach. I hope to instill a great deal of passion in you all, and know that you have the potential to discover your passion.

I know that it is high school and you are involved. I totally understand wanting an extension on a paper or an extra day to do your homework. But please respect my concern when I as your teacher have to implement certain rules. I promise you, it is only to better your educational career.

Sometimes, there will be work that will seem pointless. I know that things may not g your way in terms of academics. You can conquer anything that you put your mind to.

Occasionally you may find yourself wondering why you are doing. Know that I am a constant resource and have your back one hundred percent. If you ever need things, like someone to go to for advice, I am always here. Even if my hearing is only out of one ear, I can hear you out. (I'm punny, I know.)

There will be times when you think that I give you "too much work." It's not that it's too much, it's that I know what you are capable of. Each and every one of you has the potential to be great, and as your teacher, I only hope to help you discover that potential.

I want you to know that I want the lessons you learn from me to apply to your everyday life. In my time as a student, the best teachers were the ones that taught me lessons that applied out of the classroom.

I hope that I am the teacher that many of you fondly remember as you grow up and out of high school. Who knows, one day you too could follow in my footsteps and impact a future generation on a daily basis.

At times, it may seem like we won't get through it, but after a thunderstorm, there is a rainbow. Keep your eye on the rainbow and the ultimate prize and you will make it through.

I can't wait to impact your life,

Ms. Rasch