A Letter To My Big Sister And Partner In Life
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A Letter To My Big Sister And Partner In Life

When we were kids I would pretend I didn't look up to you but I totally did and will forever.

A Letter To My Big Sister And Partner In Life

When we were kids, who are we kidding, we were like cats and dogs, and to be honest I wasn’t sure if I’d ever grow close to you. We are just so different. Maybe it’s a Capricorn and Libra thing, or maybe it was just a sister’s thing, but if someone went back in time and told me how close we’d be today, I don’t think I would have believed them. Despite all our fun childhood memories, my grudge towards your mean phase when I was a kid was very real. I thought I’d never let it go. Yet here we are and I can’t even imagine my life without you by my side. It sucks to admit that the adults who claimed “we’d be close when we’re older” were right.

I think I began to truly appreciate you my freshman year of college when I moved out. Maybe a half hour distance does make the heart grow fonder. So thank you for being willing to re-read my Ethnic Studies, English, and every other topic’s essays when I would call you for a spell check, even though you had your own workload. Thank you for supporting my wild child ways when I decided to join a sorority, every club on campus and attend every festival known to mankind. Damn, I really have become a grandma since then. But through it all, I am thankful that you kept it real with me and judged me (but with good intentions) when necessary. Someone had to put me in place at some point. Thank you for your occasional naps in my dorm room and keeping me company when I had awkward gaps between classes.

Even after our horrifying experience at Coachella together (never again), thank you for making that up by being a great Woogie Weekend and Lightning in a Bottle partner in crime. Thank you for understanding me better than anybody else in the world. Thank you for letting me sleep over in your room when I don't feel like sleeping in my own. Thank you for helping me choose which selfie to post on Instagram because those are the hardcore decisions I need guidance with. Thank you for being you because you are the most insightful, crafty, creative, smart, self-starting and straight up coolest individual I know. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have you to look up to growing up. Unlike me, you never had anyone to look up to or guide you and did that it on your own. I am forever impressed by your endless abilities and strong sense of self. You’ve molded yourself to be such an amazing person and I am so grateful to call you my sister. Anyone who knows you loves you.

You have known what’s hip and cool before it’s even deemed hip and cool. You have shown me all the best coffee shops, musicians, books, movies, TV shows, and all things in between. You helped me get my first job. You help motivate me to do better and be better. You are the first person I want to text when I have news or something to share. You are the only person who understands the dynamic of my humor.

You remind me of what’s important during the times I forget, and I am grateful for your advice and your perspective. And I am especially thankful that you would talk to cash register workers when I had intense social anxiety. Or when you would help me practice calling back professional offices just to say “Hello this is Katia Kehyeyan calling back in regards to…” Or how you are willing to sit down and have mock interviews with me so I can get practice. Or when you took me to get expensive ice cream that one night when I was crying because I received a mean text. Or when you were willing to listen to my endless rants and help ground me. You are always there for the big things and the little things, and the in-between things.

You are my rock and I will be yours, and here for you always. I promise to always keep it real with you and tell you how it is when your perspective is hazy. I will be here to listen. I will be here to drop my plans and go to San Francisco with you so you don’t make the drive alone. I will be here to share the magical experience of Lightning in a Bottle with you. I will be here to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind with you. I will be here to go to coffee shops with you. I will be here to laugh with you and cry with you and adventure with you. I will be here as a shoulder to cry on and outlet to vent to. I will be here to support your decisions, whatever those may be. I will be here to inspire you as much as you inspire me. I will be here to send you fire memes and annoy you with my triple texts. I will be here to listen and offer my old man wisdom advice. I will be here to be your Uber if you want to go out. I will be here to carpool to school with you, but be the driver so you can study in the car. I will always drop you off closest to your class so you can do the least walking possible. I will be here to love you endlessly and remind you what a bad bitch you are during times you may forget. I will be here to Snapchat your funny moments because you make my stories way better. I will be here for life whenever you need me.

I am excited to be the cool aunt of your kids one day and for us to do old people stuff together. I am excited for what the future holds for us individually but also what it holds for us as sisters. I can’t imagine doing this life thing alone, and I am happy I have you along the ride with me. I wouldn’t want to share my life experiences or clothes with anybody else. You are my person forever. I love you so much.

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