A Letter To: My Bestfriend That Never Gets a Break

A Letter To: My Bestfriend That Never Gets a Break

You've got a whole life ahead of you and I can't wait to endure this journey with you.


To my very dear best friend that I love so much,

I have a list of things I've been dying to tell you so here it is:

1. You're Worth Over a Million Bucks

Your smile spreads for miles and your laughter is more contagious than the black plague.

2. You're Probably the Only Person that Thinks I'm Funny:

Yeah, I admit it. I don't really have a big crowd when it comes to my humor. But you're the only one that gets what I'm trying to say... even when it's dumb.

3. You Don't Care Who I Am.

You don't expect anything from me. It's so hard when friends expect the world from you and never give in return. Not only do you accept everything I do, but you're there to support me and you build me up, not knock me down.

4. We NEVER Argue.

The only thing we ever have trouble deciding on are what outfits we wear going out, or if we go to Taco Bell or Chick- Fil- A. When we disagree on something, we change the subject or situation and we get over it.

5. We are Very Dramatic People.. In the Best Way

Late night story time is never boring. Even after telling each other the same story for the third time, there's always something new or over exaggerated added.

6. When I Need to Rant or Cry to Someone, You're it.

We've had many reasons why we've been emotional lately. Whether it be breaking down because our professors suck or we're having boy issues, a late night Diner run, or the simple blast of "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada, we always find a solution to create happiness.

7. You're My Person

I'm a little selfish with you, I admit it. However, I don't really care because you've been the only one there for me 24/7 whenever I need it. Whether coming to rescue me from other schools or helping me organize my room, you know just how to be a best friend, and I'm proud of you!

8. You Know What You Want, and You Don't Stop Till You Get it!

There's nothing I love more than a determined friend. Because of your determination, you're not only an academic role model, but a strong, powerful, woman. You don't let any petty person get in your way and you ALWAYS tell them how you feel.

9. You Know What Love is.

Ok yes, with boys, but that's not what I'm talking about. Your heart is bigger than your mind. It's what leads you to the places you need to be. That's why you're so amazing and that's why you care for every human that walks this earth.

10. I Know You'll be There Forever.

You're not one to run away from the future. You make a plan and you stick with it. There's a fire in your eyes, keep running with it! I can't wait to be your best friend forever.

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