An Open Letter Dedicated To My Roommate And Best Friend
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An Open Letter Dedicated To My Roommate And Best Friend

A Letter of Appreciation to the Best Friend I've Been Waiting For

An Open Letter Dedicated To My Roommate And Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

It still surprises me how fast we got to know each other and even faster to become close friends. I couldn't ask for anyone better to be my roommate and my best friend. Being best friends with my roommate is the best thing in the world.

When I come back from a day of classes and work, we're here to rant and listen to each other talk about our day, from how boring it was to the last tea we heard. Life together with you is never boring. You make it so that I'm never afraid to share my stories and thoughts with you. I'm constantly intrigued and amused when listening to your stories and your current thoughts on why men and women think so differently.

We had our first big fight recently, and it absolutely broke my heart. I thought I had lost the best person to be my friend. But making up with you only demonstrated how strong we are together. We could have easily just lived as roommates and never become the friends we are today. I'm so grateful we both took that perfect chance and grew close together.

I've never had a friendship quite like the one we have together. It's like fate brought us together at the perfect place and time. When I tell people about you, I can't help myself but smile, grateful and in awe of our friendship.

Thank you for being my retail therapy buddy when I'm having a bad day. Thank you for the conversations till 4am, talking about our goals and dreams for the future and sharing our favorite songs and movies at the moment. Thank you for the wild, spontaneous adventures and our late night food runs. Thank you for the endless advice on boys and relationships. I'll be here when you need advice on the lucky man who is able to call you his significant other. I'll always have your back.

And when you're feeling down, I'll be here to listen and hug you. Let's grow and be happy together on our brightest days.

No matter how stupid or genius our decisions and ideas are, I'll support you all the way. And after a mistake or failure, I'll be here for you so we can bounce back together stronger than ever.

You changed my life and I'm so proud to be friends with you. Let's continue motivating each other to be the best that we can be. I'm always cheering you on!


Your Best Friend

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