To All Mother figures:

Oh, Mother

Just the size of a small seed, you became to be.

A mother was she,

Whether the circumstances were ideal or unplanned,

She loves you.

You are most likely from a woman,

All these mothers, are mothers in their own way.

You may not have given birth to your kids, do not dread

But you make sure every kid or kid is still fed.

You may not have had a baby fully grow,

And you love the baby more than you know.

You may not be able to buy nice things,

So? You make sure they are happy and even sing!

It may just be you, and you're unsure what to do,

It's okay, we got you boo.

All the mothers who left too soon,

i hope you're up and shining brighter than any moon.

All the mothers who simply were not there, its okay fathers,

your baby knows you care.

The sacrifices you make are worth it in the end, but a lot of us would not be here if it wasn't for mothers.

Happy Mother's Day.