My Platonic Love Letter To Hermione Granger
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My Platonic Love Letter To Hermione Granger

You don’t know that I exist, and though you are but a fictional literary character, I certainly believe that you exist.

My Platonic Love Letter To Hermione Granger

Dear Hermione,

I've always been quick to label myself the teacher's pet. Most kids hate the title, but me, it was my aspiration to be "that kid;" the one that knew all the answers, raised their hand to every question, and was hated, yet secretly envied by every student. I think this wish to label myself as a teacher's pet came from you. You were no ordinary friend. Hermione Granger, you were always somewhat of an idealistic fictional character to me. I aspired to become this frizzy-haired girl that sat in the front and knew what she was talking about.

Your motivation and drive that make you who you are seem to be present at my very roots, influencing me to try my hardest and only accept the best. You always knew the right thing to say. Outside the classroom, though, your heart swelled for the less fortunate. It was obvious to me that you were the epitome of everything that I wanted to be: intelligent, brave, and bewilderingly compassionate.

Having grown up and connected on a personal level with the "Harry Potter" series, and more specifically, you, Miss Granger, I find myself often thinking as if I were you, making semi-conscious decisions using these skills that you so easily exhibit. These skills include not only the ability to look beyond the immediate consequences of a decision or situation, but also to think quickly and get myself out of a sticky situation using seemingly endless common sense. J. K. Rowling says “Hermione is a person that never strays off the path; she always keeps her attention focused on the job that must be done."

There’s another side, though, to you, the infamous ‘nerd’ of the Wizarding trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. You manage to not only “rule the school,” but also show immense compassion, cunning, and courage when it comes to real life. The ability to demonstrate all of these skills and traits at once is something that I have always longed to be able to do.

Hermione Granger, you have proven your influence on me as I look back into my childhood and note my dedication to my studies, as well as my friendships and compassion toward things that cannot fend for themselves. You have always cared for the less fortunate, such as first years at Hogwarts or the slave-like house elves, regardless of if they could actually use the help you gave them. This perseverance and determination to help the less fortunate that you possess has inspired me to never, ever give up. I could only dream of being able to acquire and dissipate the amount of compassion that you share.

You may only be a fictional character, but you showed me that I can always achieve anything through dedication and compassion. I strive every day to embody your mantra and to be the best “Hermione Granger” I can be. You don’t know that I exist, and though you are but a fictional literary character, I certainly believe that you exist. Though the book and movie series are over in the literal view of things, your aspirations and love continue to grow through me as I feel your influence in my everyday life.


Your Biggest Fan

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