To the humans I call family,

When you all adopted me I was so excited to get out of that little foster bathroom. I know it took me a bit to get familiar with the other kitties you had and it was a bit of a rocky start because I still loved to be in the bathroom (even when you were going potty) but I couldn't ask for a better family to call my own. With that being said, I'd like to remind you of a couple of things.

Though you may think this is your humble abode, I have declared myself the alpha cat, therefore this is my house. My rules, got it? I like to sleep with you, and when you keep the doors shut I can't do that. So, I will scratch at the door and meow as loud as I can. Until you let me in of course. Unless I am hungry, then you get a few more meows.

I like pats. You know that. When you pat me don't stop even when I "army crawl" away. Whatever that means.

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Let me be outside. I like outside. Open a door and let me outside. I will come back, I promise. I mean, I like food (A LOT) and you feed me. Of course I would come back.

When I sit with you, you need to move so I can fit. I will not move, I just like your warmth.

Did I mention I like food? So give me snacks. I like snacks.

I like to sleep, so do not touch me when I'm sleeping. I need my sleep.

You know I like to lay in the sun, I would greatly appreciate it if you left some of the windows open by the cat trees so I can be up high and rest in the sun.

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On second thought, you can touch me when I sleep. I like the attention and pats.

It's not too fun to vomit all the time. Maybe if you would brush me more I wouldn't throw up as often and you won't have to clean it up as much.

I do not enjoy it when you bring out my worst enemy... Mr. Vacuum. Please tell him to keep the dust around. I like the mess, and I prefer it with the youngest human's clothes on the ground. I like her smells.

Lastly and most importantly, love me. I know I am not perfect, and you humans are most certainly not perfect either. I love you with all my heart and soul. I am happy to live my life here with you four humans and my older sister. With all of the rules I have for you humans, love is the biggest, most important thing in the whole entire world.

I may find more rules later on, but I am sure you will hear me meowing "I want" every once and a while and will know what to do.

Love, Cat