To My New Sisters,

I'm so happy that you are here and that I have the privilege to call you my sisters. You have worked extremely hard to get to where you are and you should be proud of yourselves. I have watched you grow over the past several weeks in a group and as individuals. You have endured many stresses, long nights, and doubts, but you made it.

I'm excited to walk with you through the rest of your journey here. I can't wait to share the smiles, the laughs, the jokes, and even the tears with each of you. You have already shown me so much and I can't even imagine what will happen in the years to come.

If you look around, these are the girls that you are going to love more than anyone . You'll be each other's cheerleaders and voices of reason. Give any of them a call, they'll be there for you. Walk up to them around campus, they'll greet you warmly. Haven't spoken to a sister in a while? No worries, you'll pick up right where you left off.

You may have heard the saying "it's not four years, it's for life", and that's absolutely true. But I hope that you live these four years like it is the rest of your life. Spread your wings and do all of the things your heart desires. Join that club, run for a position, travel, take some classes, get out there and make the world yours.

I love each of you immensely and I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with you by my side.


Your Sister