A Letter To My New Sisters

A Letter To My New Sisters

Welcome to the sisterhood little loves!

To My New Sisters,

I'm so happy that you are here and that I have the privilege to call you my sisters. You have worked extremely hard to get to where you are and you should be proud of yourselves. I have watched you grow over the past several weeks in a group and as individuals. You have endured many stresses, long nights, and doubts, but you made it.

I'm excited to walk with you through the rest of your journey here. I can't wait to share the smiles, the laughs, the jokes, and even the tears with each of you. You have already shown me so much and I can't even imagine what will happen in the years to come.

If you look around, these are the girls that you are going to love more than anyone . You'll be each other's cheerleaders and voices of reason. Give any of them a call, they'll be there for you. Walk up to them around campus, they'll greet you warmly. Haven't spoken to a sister in a while? No worries, you'll pick up right where you left off.

You may have heard the saying "it's not four years, it's for life", and that's absolutely true. But I hope that you live these four years like it is the rest of your life. Spread your wings and do all of the things your heart desires. Join that club, run for a position, travel, take some classes, get out there and make the world yours.

I love each of you immensely and I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with you by my side.


Your Sister

Cover Image Credit: Alyssa Battles

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Don't Give Up On Sororities

Find your family.

Growing up, I always wanted to be in a sorority.

You see them portrayed in movies and on television as the coolest girls- the ones that everyone wants to be and be around. It wasn’t the popularity factor that interested me as much though, it was the closeness that these girls always exhibited. They were “sisters” and they were family. As an only child, I loved the idea of having sisters and being part of something special that was bigger than just me.

When I got to my first college, I couldn’t wait for rush to start.

I had been doing my research, and knew which sororities I could see myself being part of; I couldn’t wait to finally meet the girls that could fulfill my childhood aspiration with.

I learned quickly that it wasn’t as easy as just introducing yourself to the girls. Meeting them seemed so artificial, as if they were reading off scripts. It was evident from the beginning that they already had an idea in their head of who was joining and who was not. I was not part of this idea. This would have crushed my dreams of being in a sorority for good if I had not transferred.

At my new school I knew that the people were different- more friendly and genuine. My first semester I held out on the whole sorority thing, skeptical of the process for obvious reasons and wanting to time to adjust to my new school. I had accepted the title of a GDI, "god damn independent", and wore it with pride. As much as I was okay with this, I still knew that something was missing.

Fall of 2017, first semester of sophomore year, is when my mindset changed again. I was going through a lot of personal problems: family, love, and what felt like any other bad thing that could possibly happen to me. The allure of a group of sisters was slowly pulling me back in. I was desperate for at least some sort of stability, and I wanted a group of girl friends that I could depend on.

Soon after my curiosity was piqued one of my friends started to introduce me to some of her sorority sisters. The more sisters I met, the more I realized that I was having real conversations and making real connections. I couldn’t help but think that this was what I always envisioned a sorority being like- real.

I had never received so much support and unwavering kindness from people whom I barely even knew as soon as I joined.

For the first time in a while I felt secure, confident, and surrounded by people that truly cared about me. This feeling has only multiplied as time has gone on, and I'm not sure what I would do without my sisters. In such a short amount of time I have made friends that I can already see myself being friends with forever, and I think that's pretty amazing. No matter what preconceptions, bad experiences, or doubts that you have- give sorority life one more shot.

Behind all of the crafting and glitter, there is a second family waiting to give you all of the love that they have.

Cover Image Credit: Marisa Sabino

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To The Girl Who Thinks She Hates Greek Life, But Hasn't Given It A Shot

When I began my freshman year of college, I thought I hated it too.

Girl, I get it. You saw that one horrifying ADPi recruitment video when you were 14 and you thought, “No thanks, not for me.” I was in the exact same boat.

I entered my freshman year giggling at the girls who dressed to the nines in 105-degree weather to impress upperclassmen in hopes they’d be invited to join their clique.

When I got an email from my now-sorority’s Recruitment Chair inviting me to a Pumpkin Painting Party in October, I laughed out loud and made fun of it with my roommate (spoiler alert: she joined too).

The only reason I showed up to paint pumpkins was because one sister went out of her way to invite me face to face. I knew then that this wasn’t a sorority who was in it for the numbers, they genuinely wanted to make me a part of their sisterhood.

So, I went. Long story short, I loved it. It wasn’t the picture of tall, skinny, blonde, white girls that I’d always had in my mind. As far as sororities go, I’d never seen one like it.

Since joining, I have made friends that I never thought I’d have. My Big (I know, a gross sorority word) is one of my best friends. I recruited my roommate and a random girl from my English class, and both of those friendships have continuously bloomed since. I have a list of 144 women that I could call at any time and say the words, “I need you,” and they’d be with me in ten minutes.

Not every sorority is like mine, but I’m convinced there is at least one like it on every campus that has Greek Life. So give it a try. Open your mind to change and invite amazing new people and experiences into your life.

If you find it isn’t for you, no harm done. At least you can say you gave it a shot.

Cover Image Credit: Phi Mu - College of Charleston

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