A Letter To God From The Average College Student

A Letter To God From The Average College Student

God, I'm sorry for I have failed You.

Dear God,

Lately, times have been hard. School has been exhausting, exams and papers are piling up, and I feel like I can't catch up. Day by day, I go through the motions of checking things off of my never-ending "To Do List" and counting down the days until the end of the semester. I'm doing everything right by the book, I'm eating well, exercising often, completing my homework, engaging in countless extracurricular activities, working my job to earn a little extra income, volunteering with the free hours of the day I have left, and managing to squeeze in some social time with my friends and family, but yet, some days I still feel lost.

Though, in these times I have failed to come to You. I've gotten caught up in the monotonous routine of my life, I have failed miserably when it comes to my faith and my relationship with You, and for this I am sorry. I am sorry that I have let my academics and extracurriculars get in the way of our relationship. I am sorry that I have been going through the motions with my faith. I am sorry that I have not put You first in my life. And I am sorry for doubting You at the times I have needed You the most.

But God, I'm so beyond thankful that You still love me-- even after I slam the door shut on You a countless number of times. You work miracles in my life every single day, but sometimes I forget to say thank you.

I know I may not always be the most appreciative, but thank you for blessing me with a wonderful family, an opportunity to get a degree, a multitude of friends, food on the table every single night to eat, a voice to talk and laugh with, legs to see the beautiful world, a home with a comfy bed to sleep in every night, a church to worship in, and the love of You blessing me every single day with the wonderful gift of life.

God, please watch over and guide me down the path you have set in place for me. Give me the strength to come to You in my times of need, whether it be difficult classes or unforgiving schedules. God, please help me be a witness to You and Your love in everything I do. Guide me to develop friendships and relationships with Your love and forgiveness at the center. Please help me to stop counting down the days until the end of the semester, but instead, allow me to live every single day as if it's my last. But if I fail, please help me to pick up the pieces and begin anew again.

God, I thank You, and God, I love You.

With love,

A College Student

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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A Letter To My Humans On Our Last Day Together

We never thought this day would come.

I didn't sleep much last night after I saw your tears. I would have gotten up to snuggle you, but I am just too weak. We both know my time with you is coming close to its end, and I just can't believe it how fast it has happened.

I remember the first time I saw you like it was yesterday.

You guys were squealing and jumping all around, because you were going home with a new dog. Dad, I can still feel your strong hands lifting me from the crate where the rest of my puppy brothers and sisters were snuggled around my warm, comforting puppy Momma. You held me up so that my chunky belly and floppy wrinkles squished my face together, and looked me right in the eyes, grinning, “She's the one."

I was so nervous on the way to my new home, I really didn't know what to expect.

But now, 12 years later as I sit in the sun on the front porch, trying to keep my wise, old eyes open, I am so grateful for you. We have been through it all together.

Twelve “First Days of School." Losing your first teeth. Watching Mom hang great tests on the refrigerator. Letting you guys use my fur as a tissue for your tears. Sneaking Halloween candy from your pillowcases.

Keeping quiet while Santa put your gifts under the tree each year. Never telling Mom and Dad when everyone started sneaking around. Being at the door to greet you no matter how long you were gone. Getting to be in senior pictures. Waking you up with big, sloppy kisses despite the sun not even being up.

Always going to the basement first, to make sure there wasn't anything scary. Catching your first fish. First dates. Every birthday. Prom pictures. Happily watching dad as he taught the boys how to throw every kind of ball. Chasing the sticks you threw, even though it got harder over the years.

Cuddling every time any of you weren't feeling well. Running in the sprinkler all summer long. Claiming the title “Shotgun Rider" when you guys finally learned how to drive. Watching you cry in mom and dads arms before your graduation. Feeling lost every time you went on vacation without me.

Witnessing the awkward years that you magically all overcame. Hearing my siblings learn to read. Comforting you when you lost grandma and grandpa. Listening to your phone conversations. Celebrating new jobs. Licking your scraped knees when you would fall.

Hearing your shower singing. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles in the sun. New pets. Family reunions. Sleepovers. Watching you wave goodbye to me as the jam-packed car sped up the driveway to drop you off at college. So many memories in what feels like so little time.

When the time comes today, we will all be crying. We won't want to say goodbye. My eyes might look glossy, but just know that I feel your love and I see you hugging each other. I love that, I love when we are all together.

I want you to remember the times we shared, every milestone that I got to be a part of.

I won't be waiting for you at the door anymore and my fur will slowly stop covering your clothes. It will be different, and the house will feel empty. But I will be there in spirit.

No matter how bad of a game you played, how terrible your work day was, how ugly your outfit is, how bad you smell, how much money you have, I could go on; I will always love you just the way you are. You cared for me and I cared for you. We are companions, partners in crime.

To you, I was simply a part of your life, but to me, you were my entire life.

Thank you for letting me grow up with you.

Love always,

Your family dog

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Murray

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Solidarity for OUr Campus

A protestor in the South Oval that visits OU every year


Warning: This article contains sensitive language.

This is stupid.

I don't know this man (and I don't want to know him), but I wonder whether he has a conscience or a sense of dignity. Calling random female student "thots." Telling them to repent or they'll go to hell. Saying that they will be raped because they wear leggings. Calling gay rights "fake news." Telling all who oppose him that he is a "righteous man under God." A guy told him that "God loves everybody"; the man asked, "When was the last time you did pornography?" He comes every year to the South Oval, with a billboard of insults against students, a camera on his chest in case anyone would do harm to him. It's a form of cowardice that promotes his pride for being an asshole. Anyone with a sense of respect for one other would know that this behavior is completely unacceptable.

In big red letters, he wrote a reference to the Biblical verse, "John 3:36" which reads: "Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him." In the context of this man's speech patterns and writing: submit, or be damned. The Bible, the oldest book in our history, is a piece of literature used to inspire and teach people through religious lessons and history. And yet, it disgusts me when people distort the religious text in order to accuse, demean, or condemn another person who do not follow "God's teachings." It's hypocrisy at its finest.

One quote that I would like to quote myself is "Philippians 2:3," which reads: "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather in humility, value others above yourself." If this man claims that he is a "righteous man," he is blind to the truth. Using religion to sexually harass female students and condemn the LGBT+ community is self-righteousness. Acting in a manner such as this is not Christian. Perhaps he should devote his time to "Introduction to Human Relations" to learn something useful: like being tolerant to people different to him, instead of being an asshole.

Under the 1st Amendment, a permit, and identification, he is within his rights to spout nonsense to our community. The OU campus is public property and he technically has a right to be here. The only limitation I have heard of is that he cannot be here past 4:00 PM and cannot physically harm anyone. It may seem unfair, but it is his civil liberty to the freedom of speech. That being said, we, the OU community, have this freedom as well. I applaud those who created a prayer circle in unity for forgiveness and respect. I smiled when I saw other students support one another against the yelling of this preacher. I found it awesome that students proudly held signs of unity and love in the midst of hate.

Also, shout out to Georgia, the one who I took a picture with. Congratulations on a job well done!

It's not right for others to use prejudice and propaganda to condemn others, especially our community, for personal satisfaction. However, it is right when we work together as a campus to do the right thing and stand for what's right and know what's wrong. It's this form of solidarity that makes our campus so great. By working together, we can make a change.

Boomer Sooner.

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