A Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

Have you ever had the gut-wrenching feeling after a mistake or an unfortunate event? Have you ever done something that made you feel like you won the lottery? And all of the other feelings in between? Have you? Well of course you have—you are human! When I have those moments, there is always one person I turn to. That one person happens to be you. Many people want someone dependable who will be there when the sun rises and sets. Many people hope to click with a person for all of those scary movies, late night snack runs, or the silly jokes that make you laugh until you cry. I understand it completely, because I have you. I have you to goof around with, talk about classes with, and honestly talk about everything and anything.

Through experience, I have realized even the shortest of friendships can outshine the longest ones. One can be friends with a person for seven years, but find a more compatible friend in six months. In the short time, I have developed trust, created memories, and formed a goofy friendship with you. The trust and loyalty I feel from our relationship is one similar to that of one formed for over a decade or more. It amazes me how I found someone who accepts me for me. You can make me laugh like no other friend and that is another reason why I can genuinely call you my best friend.

With the distance we have between us, it is inevitable we come across times when we feel more distant and unconnected. However, I know that it is only a little bump in the road. When we see each other over break or pick up the phone to call, it will be as if we never stopped. I do not vocalize how much I appreciate you and all that you do for me. You leave me snacks when I am grumpy and need to study, hype me up to be the crazy girl I am, and give me honest opinions or advice on any situation. I love you best friend! Thank you for being my rock, my person, and my best friend.

Yours truly,

Your Best Friend

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