A college student always looks forward to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving break always comes at the perfect time of the semester. When assignments and exams keep coming. And there never seems to be a break.

Well, Thanksgiving is that perfect time for a break.

To take a step back from the stress of school.

To take a step back from every assignment that is due.

To take a step back from the exams.

To take a step back from the group projects.

To take a step back from everything.

You are able to see family.

Whether it is family by blood or friends that turned into family.

You are able to see friends from high school.

You are able to get a home-cooked meal.

Every year I always look forward to Thanksgiving break.

It always gives me time to breathe.

So this Thanksgiving break I challenge you to put away all the homework.

To put away all the assignments.

To stop studying.

Let yourself really have this break.

Because it is a well-deserved break.

Take this time to make memories with people you haven't seen in a while.

Take this time to cherish the time with your family.

Because this might be the last Thanksgiving for some.

Take this time to laugh with your family and friends.

Take this time to actually take a break.

All of the work will still be there when you go back to school so leave it for when school starts again.

Your body needs this break.

Your brain needs this break.

So give yourself the break you deserve and actually enjoy Thanksgiving this year.