Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday
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Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

Thanksgiving is an important holiday, and is one we should not ignore.

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

November is the month that separates the holidays of Halloween, and Christmas; it also is the month which holds the holiday which we give thanks for everything we have. Lately, well as the first of November has come and passed I have seen tweets and status updates all about how November equates to Christmas time. This issue is a pet peeve of mine for most people are forgetting about one of the most important family holidays; Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an extremely important holiday on both sides of my family; my family literally has two Thanksgiving meals in one day with maybe a three-hour break in between. The holiday of Thanksgiving is founded upon yes the pilgrims, and Native Americans, but today centers itself around thanks which we should give to all of the material and emotional objects in our lives.

On November 1 when I had checked my Twitter feed I had been agitated that people had been completely ignoring the existence of Thanksgiving for it too is an important holiday. Personally, I believe that Thanksgiving is just as important as Christmas for we celebrate being together, without the presence of gifting and material items. Maybe my opinion on this matter is derived from my family, and our view that this holiday is of importance; or maybe for that our society has now moved into an era of complete materialism. Thanksgiving has lost many of its respected traditions, and family gatherings because of the presence of Black Friday. Black Friday is an example of how we are beginning to lose the true values, and meaning of the holiday season for companies take the holiday and spin it to be an economic game. Also, with Black Friday comes the early decorating, and focus on Christmas; Christmas is in DECEMBER it should not overthrow the meaning or traditions of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is an extremely important holiday (at least for my family), and should not be ignored. It is a holiday where we are to give thanks for everything we hold near and dear in our lives. I would love to see and am extremely happy to hear that many malls and stores are not opening on Thanksgiving for early Black Friday sales. I hope that the traditions and family aspects of this holiday will not be lost, for this is an imporant American tradition.

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