I look outside my window and I see beauty.

Beauty is not defined by that which is magnificent or placed upon a pedestal by others.

But rather, beauty is found in the ordinary.

Beauty is found in the swaying of the trees as the wind rustles the leaves.

It is not the glitz and the glamour of a prized possession.

But rather, beauty is found in the common.

Beauty is found in the laughter of another.

Beauty is found in the smile on a face.

It is found in the blooming of flowers.

So, open your eyes.

Do not let the ordinary pass you by.

The world may tell you that the common is nothing but a glimmer of the extraordinary.

But, please remember that the ordinary is something that can be extraordinary.

If you just open your eyes, open your mind, and see that all creation is beautiful in His eyes.

So, sit outside or take a walk and you will see.

You will see the beauty in the common.

I look outside and see His beauty.

The beauty which surrounds me is nothing but ordinary.

But, through His eyes it is something extraordinary.