My Friends Don't Understand My Lifestyle, But They Don't Need To
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My Friends Don't Understand My Lifestyle, But They Don't Need To

It's not their life to worry about.

My Friends Don't Understand My Lifestyle, But They Don't Need To
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As weird and middle school-ish as this sounds, I basically have two groups of friends.

I have my friends online and in person who attend concerts and meet artists, and I have my friends who rarely ever, if at all, go to a concert.

My friends who go to a lot of concerts get excited, happy, and fan girl with me when I announce that I've bought another set of tickets or another VIP meet and greet, and the friends who aren't into that sort of thing question why I'd spend my money on a "pay and hey."

The conversation usually starts with me saying at least I'm not into drugs, alcohol or out partying at all hours of the night. My money is going towards something that's going to give me a great time, a ton of memories, and maybe even a friend or two.

It's going to give me a ton of pictures and videos that'll look amazing on my already cool Instagram feed, and it'll satisfy that craving for live music when it's been too long.

I try to explain that music makes me happy, and that I can't get over the fact that my favorite artists are living, breathing humans, no matter how many times I've seen them.

They always seem to bring up how many band shirts and merchandise items I own, and then laugh when I bring home one or two more from a concert.

They'll usually say "you don't have room for those," and ask why I spent so much money on them.

Keep in mind, though, that these are the friends who also have hobbies, like I do. They may just not be as expensive.

I don't go around knocking their hobbies down, no matter how "expensive" it may be. If something makes you happy, go for it, you can't put a price on pure happiness, as cliche as that may sound.

For me, it's weird to say that I have two different groups of friends, but that's kind of how I look at it now.

They don't quite get why I attend almost 20 concerts a year, why I buy merch, why I talk to people online, or most importantly, why it makes me so happy.

But, it's my life, not theirs. They don't have to understand what I'm doing.

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