Have you ever noticed that people always talk about wanting to travel? I really don't think I've ever met someone who has said they wouldn't or don't want to travel somewhere. It is obviously not in the cards for everyone, but I sincerely wish it was. I am very aware that traveling is a luxury, but the reason I view it as a luxury is not solely for its price tag, but for what each new place you travel to will show you.

Traveling is an absolute rush. It's crazy exciting, and when you make it somewhere new, you get that feeling of adventure. Pictures never do what you see justice, and nothing is ever quite the same as you expected. Traveling is more than experiencing that beautiful sunset on the beach or climbing high up that mountain just to look out onto the rolling hills. Traveling immerses you in a new way of life.

When you're somewhere new, you are somewhat out of your comfort zone. This might sound scary, but it's the reason you learn so much. You have the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture or even a new language. You see a different side of life, and you hear a new story. Each person you meet has something new to offer you. Sometimes it's wise advice, sometimes it's a lesson, and sometimes it's just a conversation where you can offer up your story in exchange for someone else's.

Everyone lives a different life, and although this is common sense, it's still something you don't really realize until you are watching someone else live. Taking a step back to observe people in a different country perform even the smallest tasks shows you just how differently people are living in other places in the world. This way of living is not always the highest quality. This teaches you to be grateful, thankful, and humble. To be grateful for the things you might take for granted like clean, running water or a warm meal waiting for you on the kitchen table. To be thankful that you have the rights that not everyone all over the world does. To wear what you want, speak out when something upsets you, and to be yourself without fear of things far worse than possible disapproval. To be humble with yourself, what you are, what you have, your privileges, and your life.

Most importantly, traveling leaves you with a great takeaway each time. The takeaway is knowledge and experience. The knowledge can be in history, culture, or even food. Regardless, you learn something, and many times it's far more than you expected to learn or imagined to. Traveling brings you experiences that leave you with strong emotions. It may shock you, upset you, make you laugh, or make you cry tears of joy, but regardless of the emotion, it will stay with you forever. The lasting effects of traveling are endless and timeless. You would be amazed at how it opens not only your eyes but your mind. Traveling is definitely a luxury. But it's a luxury that will teach you what a classroom can't.