All The Things I've Learned By Being Bold

All The Things I've Learned By Being Bold

Ride the wave and create your own fortune.


"Fearless before danger." The dictionary definition of bold.

I've been lucky enough to dodge anything truly dangerous. I've had the occasional drunken stranger get in my car in the McDonald's drive-thru line (he made it home safely — I made sure of it), I've witnessed the Oak Trees at Toomer's Corner set ablaze after an Auburn football game, but when it comes to something truly dangerous — I've been lucky enough to avoid anything that could potentially harm me.

But while my dangers are few, the fears are many.

The fears can be disguised as anxiety, depression, stress and any other mental state that can cause your heart rate to rise. It can be the pressures of social engagements, the stress of classes, the impact of student involvement all tied together with the terrifying concept of my future that make college such a terrifying place.

My best friend and I have taken it as a goal to tackle this year with a different approach: the bold approach. This definition of bold revolves around positivity, never leaving a situation thinking "what if" and just trying to make the present day better than yesterday.

I'm not saying that being bold by my definition will heal any fears you have — but it makes living so much more fun.

Fortune Favors the Bold

In the preview for "Bohemian Rhapsody," there's a quote that says "fortune favor the bold." This particularly stuck with me — we can create our own fortune. When I see the love of my life walk into a room– what's the problem of going up and starting conversation? When I see a network opportunity — what's wrong with taking that chance? Nothing! You never know the connections you can create by putting yourself out there, because you have the power of creating good fortune.

The Beyonce Halftime Show

This one may be a little personal to me — but watch, listen or read something that hypes you up. Be excited about life — it's beautiful, there's so much to be thankful for. Show gratitude for all the areas of your life that bring you joy; whether it be your friendships, your coffee shop or even the fact that your car started this morning. Life is beautiful — live like it.

Ride the Wave 

I've started asking my friends: "How are we going to make today better than yesterday?" We all create scenarios that could make that particular day the best day of our life. Most of those scenarios, while seeming unlikely, make us all tackle the day with a positive mentality. Positivity is contagious, and while that sounds like a cliche, it creates a momentum to ride on: the wave. Ride that positivity, create friendships, create moments.

I've built my personal definition of bold, catering to my personal lifestyle, to make my senior year as memorable as I can. When college is over, I'm not going to remember all of the negatives (well... maybe), but I'll be more inclined to remember the times that my friends and I get out of our comfort zones, created our own fortunes and belly-laughed all night long.

Life is short, life is beautiful, create your own fortune.

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1. You take on way more than you can handle because the word "no" is not a part of your vocabulary.

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12 Reasons I'd Rather Hang Out With My Dog Than People

Dogs > people.


Anyone that knows me hears me say multiple times that I prefer dogs over people. They are just overall better creatures compared to most humans. They love us unconditionally, they are adorable, they are funny, and they make life all the more enjoyable and exciting. Whether it be a quiet weekend night in with them watching a movie or going on a vacation or adventure, they are much better companions than most people.

They give so much love in their lives that they sadly use it all up in a tiny portion of a human lifespan. They are pure and loving beings that I would 100% rather hang out with than the majority of the human population. Here are just some of the reasons why life is better with them than people.

1. They love you most.

Madi Fuertsch

Just that look of absolute adoration makes one rather hang out with their biggest fan, compared to going out with humans that are just okay. Knowing you have someone that loves you as much as your dog is just better than anything else.

2. You can look like whatever you want around them & they don't care.

Madi Fuertsch

Onesie? Don't care. Sweatpants with a baggy t-shirt? Don't care. They love you no matter what your wardrobe, unlike people.

3. You can be 100% yourself.

Madi Fuertsch

You don't even have to try to act cool around them because they know you for the loser you are and love you regardless. They have likely seen you sob over a movie and dance to a favorite song.

4. You can be lazy.

Rachel Norris

If you just want a relaxing evening in, who better to include than your four-legged fuzzball. They are down for whatever and that includes absolutely nothing.

5. Or do something active

Madi Fuertsch

On the other hand, they can be a great motivator to keep active and stay healthy considering they need exercise. You may not love your body as much as them, but you will sacrifice to make sure they stay in tip-top shape. Who knows, maybe you'll learn to enjoy it.

6. They are perfect adventure buddies.

Madi Fuertsch

No one else is better to take on the world with. They are the best companions for the little or the big adventures and make it all the more exciting.

7. And car ride companions.

Suzanne Fuertsch

Car ride buddies are the best to have and they are 100% better when they have an adorable, loving face.

8. They are cuter to look at.

Madi Fuertsch

You're a monster to not think dogs are just beyond adorable, especially when compared to humans. Sorry not sorry.

9. They are better snuggle buddies.

Madi Fuertsch

Humans are nice to snuggle and all, but they just don't have that feel that dogs have. Snuggling a dog makes it feel like everything else in the world will be okay.

10. You are the center of attention.

Madi Fuertsch

No one gives you a bigger confidence boost than a dog. They just love you and always pay attention to what you are doing, making you feel like the coolest person around.

11. They make you laugh.

Madi Fuertsch

Dogs being so darn cute, make everyday activities and adventures funny. Some have a certain look, or a certain quirk that they just always do, or maybe even just their face in general. Either way, dogs make laughter so much more frequent.

12. Life is much more exciting with them.

Suzanne Fuertsch

They take on life with such excitement and they bring that contagious excitement on to you. I mean we were simply standing in line for food, but he made it all the more exciting and fun because of his expression and personality.

I'm going to go hang out with my dog now...

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