One thing that is pretty common among us humans is judgment.

We judge by the immediate look of someone. We judge someone based on what others say about them. We judge someone on social media. We judge someone based off of one act they do in public without even knowing them. This has to stop.

Although it is entirely impossible to not judge someone at all, we need to learn more acceptance and understanding. I have had my fair share of judging someone before speaking to them, and it makes me feel poorly of myself. I do not want to judge someone off of a two-second notice.

Why should we judge less and accept more? Well, we can be missing out on getting to know a pretty cool person.

I have had people judge me for my leg braces a wear. Some people stare and point and think of me as a person who can't do much cause of her disability. Funny to say is I work, workout, dance, and bike ride, so I think I am doing pretty good for myself.

What has irked me the most is hearing others talk sh*t about me about something they do not even know. The best is when someone doesn't talk to me based on something someone told them about me. It's funny how the world only has the balls to tell people all the bad stuff you do, but not the good stuff.

It's not that I care so much that people who I barely know judge me. I just care because it is making the world a cruel place to live. It's a world where acceptance is hard for some people to comprehend. We don't have to agree with everyone's life choices but we need to respect them as a human. I am not talking about killers and criminals and such, but for those who are gay, disabled, old, young, black, white, short, tall - who cares.

I once had a friend of mine (let's go with Bob) tell me that someone (let's go with Bill) had come up to him telling him I was a weird and depressed person. Bill told Bob not to speak to me. The best part was when my other friend (let's go with Tina) told Bob that I was a great person and he would be missing out.

I was more stunned when Bob listened to Tina instead of Bill, and today we remain good friends. Bob had told me that he was happy he did not listen to his friend and blew it off because he could tell I was a good friend.

This made me smile. Why? Because Bob took a leap of faith to get to know someone without listening to the bad things others said about me, and that felt great.

We could all use a Bob in our world. Someone who gets to know our good and bad side and still loves us the way we are.

Don't judge a book by their cover they say, and you shouldn't until you meet them (in most cases).