Why Leslie Knope Is Every Typical College Student

She's a busy person like every student out there, but us students can get tired of the same daily routines. Life can be exhausting, but here are a few examples of how Leslie Knope is exactly like the rest of us.

The busy bee

Leslie Knope is the busiest human being there ever is or was. She runs from location to location and meeting to meeting. She wants to be involved in everything around her and who can blame her? Working for the Pawnee government is a hard job. But, just like working for a state government, college is also running from location to location and meeting to meeting. Being everywhere you need to be and want to be. Even being in two places at once, that's still busy. Like Leslie, I love being involved in everything I can be — juggling a job, sorority, and two clubs can be terribly time-consuming — but would I want to be doing anything else? Nope.

The all-nighter

I think we've all been here. Leslie is notorious for pulling all-nighters. She works until she can't work anymore, but she never wants to stop working. She is a passionate, hardworking woman and I don't think anyone can compete with her dedication. BUT, college students come pretty dang close. Time management is hard for everyone — yes everyone! It is necessary to have somewhat of a plan going into every day if you want to be in bed at a normal hour. Most of the time, it doesn't work out that way but hey, that's why coffee exists, people.

The uh-oh

If you know this show like the back of your hand like I do, you also know that Leslie Knope makes mistakes, constantly. But, she also does a lot of good things. Oh, the mistakes though — she's had some pretty big ones. Can't say that I haven't either. When it comes to school, we've all been here, whether it's forgetting an assignment or studying for one test and forgetting that you actually have two tomorrow. It hurts, but sometimes you just have to say "uh-oh" and hope for the best.

The stressed to the max

Leslie handles a lot in her daily life; she wants to do everything she can. I'll admit that being busy is actually one of the best things ever because you don't have time to be lazy and watch Netflix for hours. Don't get me wrong, but I've been on the verge of a breakdown many times and have actually broken down like most college students. While being busy can also be very stressful, I feel pretty good going into the weekends after a week of juggling all that I have to because I know I got all the things done that I needed to.

The social butterfly

If anyone needs to relax, it's Leslie Knope. The woman is constantly working, not because she has to, but because she loves what she does. She hardly ever has time for herself and barely has a social life. Not all college students are as busy as Leslie, but sometimes keeping up with your inner social butterfly can be hard. On the other hand, you just have to let go of whatever is holding you back and let loose for a night. It can be helpful to go out with your friends and forget about school or work for the time being.

The girl code

Leslie is the goddess of the girl code. Nothing is more important to her, honestly. Her friendship with Anne is very important to her and would never dream of losing that bond. Like most college students, we have those friendships we wouldn't want to risk anything for, and we would also never want to lose them. My gal gang will always come first.

The angry one

Leslie does lose control a few times. When I say she loses control, I mean that lightly. Handling a busy schedule, social life, and relationships can be A LOT. You're bound to be angry at some point, and there's nothing wrong with that. Leslie is not the best at handling her anger — saying things she doesn't mean, throwing things, being aggressive. But honestly, haven't we all been there at one point? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we all have.

The motivator

We all hit a wall at some point, especially Leslie Knope. As often as she becomes unmotivated to do anything, she still pushes herself to do what she knows she has to. She also motivates her coworkers and others around her. We all have that one friend who motivates others or is always in a good mood. Sometimes we have to be that person for ourselves and motivate ourselves to do what we need to do. Finding that motivation can be hard to do, but once you have it, it's very hard to lose it again.

Bottom line, Leslie Knope is the only person I honestly relate to in every situation I have been in my college career. I get some people may not relate to her like I do, but you can all agree she is one heck of a worker and person!

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