Leo: The Fixed Fire Sign
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Leo: The Fixed Fire Sign

A glimpse at Leo, the Fifth Sign of the Zodiac

Leo: The Fixed Fire Sign
Star Sign Style

Characteristics: attention-seeking, charismatic, creative, ego-oriented, fun, friendly, generous, gregarious, proud, regal, romantic, showy, snobbish, vain

Dates: July 23rd – August 22nd

Symbol: The Lion

Ruling “Planet”: The Sun

Natural House: Fifth House

Body Parts: Heart and Upper Back

Here comes Leo, in the steamiest part of the year. Temperatures rise to 100° Fahrenheit and send us running for the pool. Remember those adorable, sweet family outings and reunions that came with the Cancer season? Yeah, those are over. It’s time to party hard. It’s the last month of freedom before school forces us to get serious again. Weekends at the beach, roaring house parties, ear-splitting concerts, killer camping trips; all that good stuff happens when Leo rolls around. Not only that, but it’s a big time for romance. And why not? Everyone’s having a good time, and it’s not a bad idea to share it with a special someone. Give a shot at asking your crush out. This is all part of what Leo is about: expression; romance; fun. And being loud and proud, just like its symbol, the lion. How else would you have a roaring party (See what I did there?)?

Like the Moon, Leo is ruled not by a literal planet, but by a luminary: this time, the Sun. In astrology, the Sun is considered the most important body in one’s chart, and it takes center stage in one’s personality. The sun represents the one’s ego, one’s shine, one’s identity. It’s the chart holder’s core energy, the star of the chart. Leo grasps center stage and demands attention from an audience. It has something to say, and it wants to be heard. It knows it’s a star. It knows its worth. Leo isn’t one to shy away from others. Its confidence is immense, and it finds no point in censoring itself. That’s what the sun is for us: our confidence. It’s our energy. If we don’t use that energy, we will wither. Leo needs to give and receive energy in the form of exuberance, or it will wither as well. Luckily, the giving of that energy is just as important as the receipt of it. Leo is known as one of the most generous (if not the most generous) signs in the zodiac. Just as the sun gives us life, Leo will give its anything and everything, even to its own disadvantage.

Leo’s natural house is the Fifth House, one of my favorites. The Fifth House is the fun house: romance, creativity, and children. Leo is said to be very childlike, having a jovial, sunny disposition and oozing optimism and mirth. It’s about having a good time with friends, socializing, and letting loose. Leo is a romantic sign, and people with a strong Leo or fifth house focus may date a lot, at least until they marry. It’s not that Leos care nothing about long-term relationships or commitment (any sign can lack commitment). However, the sign itself is more open to dating as a way to have fun and being in the moment with another person, rather than as a means to finding the one, true love. Dating for fun can be an advantage for some people because it helps one gain learning experiences from different relationships and partners. Leo hates boredom, so it finds its way around stagnancy through creativity and flair. It’s the most dramatic sign and does everything with a little excitement to it. How else will it get the attention it deserves? The limelight is where Leo shines best, and it handles that light better than any other sign. Its luster can come in any form, be it in the role of parent, CEO, trophy spouse, or religious leader. Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius, isn’t really into all of the flash and sparkle Leo adores, and it doesn’t care about having all the attention either. Aquarius is all about working in groups to reach a common goal and expressing itself through nontraditional and unorthodox means, regardless of whether or not the rest of society approves. Leo is a solo player and chooses more conventional ways of expression it wants to share with others.

The mixture of the fire element and fixed quality is like candlelight. It’s a more controlled flame than that of Aries. Leo burns, but without flying through the roof with pure speed. It can stay put and just glow. Leo is the sign of royalty and, as such, it is concerned with poise and grace. Even when it is not getting praise, or when it feels down, Leo doesn’t let anyone know how blown its ego is. As the fixed fire sign, it is stubborn and tenacious in maintaining its motivation and spirit. Leo will give the impression of a posh lifestyle even if it’s not necessarily lush in the cash department. It will put on a proud face and show dignity even after losing its job, getting a divorce, failing a course, or falling victim to public scandal. Leo can come off as egotistical, vain, and snobbish because of its affinity for luxury and its abundant pride. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with those qualities as long as they’re kept in check. And Leo has the equanimity to do so.

Leo walked in fashionably late to the party. Actually, it’s more like it sauntered in. Everyone takes notice of its grand entrance, and it’s certainly dressed to impress. It’ll be the star of the table, the mic, or the dance floor, if not the party itself. It will talk about accomplishments it has made lately, or its social life. It could end up acting as an unofficial co-host, leading the other guests in games, dances, songs, and whatever other shenanigans might ensue. Like Gemini, Leo will also talk to the more timid guests. Since it’s used to being louder and more expressive, it may not necessarily understand why others would rather keep themselves shut. So it may try to get shy guests to roar like it does. Flirting comes naturally to it. It will be more likely to make the advances than receive them, not because it’s not attractive to anyone (it is), but because when it wants someone, it doesn’t hesitate to grab its target.

Leo rules the heart, upper back, and spine. It’s a sign that is truly in love with life, and its sanguine personality helps bolster Leo’s emotional immune system against the blues. However, Leo people are more prone to heart conditions and issues. Although Leo people generally have sturdy backs and spines, they are more prone to pain, whether occasional or chronic. They may also have back and conditions such as spinal arthritis and scoliosis. To combat or avoid these problems, they should eat a heart-healthy diet, exercise regularly, and keep a straight and steady posture. The avoidance or limitation of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs is also good for the heart. For people with spinal conditions, physical therapy can be a great option for alleviating symptoms.

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