'Lena The Plug' Needs To Be Your Next Bing-Watch YouTuber

'Lena The Plug' Needs To Be Your Next Bing-Watch YouTuber

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You might have seen Lena the Plug in some of Tana Mongeau's YouTube videos or in some of No Jumper videos, but Lena has her own channel with 1.3 million subscribers. She is known as a cam girl, which is a woman who poses for the camera either nude or in certain clothing. Her Instagram also features her in various lingerie fashion pieces with thousands of likes.

Lena the Plug won celebrity of the year at the PornHub awards.

Lena is not only a cam girl, after watching her YouTube videos she is a strong woman who is proud of her occupation and herself. She did a Q & A with her mother and fans asked her if her parents are disappointed in her career issues, but her mother responded in a positive manner.

In another video, Lena revealed that her parents still love her despite her career choices. I love that she fights the stigma that all women in the sex entertainment industry have family issues, but she reveals that she comes from a happy home. Moreover, she is confident in her body and has had breast augmentation surgery and vlogged the experience. I have not seen a YouTuber who is honest about their sex life, career, and all things about their life like Lena, and that is why I enjoy her videos so much. I always feel more confident in myself and my videos that I upload on my channel.

Lena is unique because she vlogs her experience with porn award ceremonies and Q & A with pornstars which sheds light on that industry. Lena is a boss babe. She has her own private Snapchat, merch, and manages her own YouTube channel. Her occupation might be a little different than other YouTubers, but she hustles and that is so inspiring. I love how she is confident in her sexual identity and tries to teach other girls to feel the same.

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10 James Charles Quotes To Live By

Hey, sisters!


Whether you love him or hate him, we all have to admit James Charles has some of the most iconic quotes of all time. Personally, I live for James Charles and his Youtube videos. He has the best content by fair of any beauty influencer. UM HELLO?? His collaboration with Morphe is absolutely stunning and of course, I had to buy it. But here are some of my favorite James Charles quotes, most I use on a daily basis.

1. Sister spooked

Let's face it, we all get a little sister spooked when we look at our grades or bank account. This quote is the perfect way to describe that feeling.

2. TEA!!

OH THE TEA!!! We all love a good tea spill. I have to be honest, I do use this on a regular basis.

3. Not with that attitude

The phrase to use when someone is being a negative Nancy.

4. Good and fresh

Because when something is good, it's not just good, it's good and fresh.

5. Good and FUN and fresh

When it's really good and fresh, it's good and FUN and fresh. Perfect phrase for all situations!

6. Use Code James for 10% off

If you're a true James Charles fan, you know that this is THE quote James is best known for. We all love some sister savings!!

7. Hello?

This is the question you ask yourself after you study all night for a test and see the first question.

8. Love that

We don't say "I like that" or "That looks good," we say "Love that." Why? Because it sounds better.

9. Spill the tea sis

This is the saying you use when you know your friend has some juicy information to tell you, but just won't say it.

10. Hey kitty girl

If you're close friends with me, you know this is how I will greet you because saying "Hey" is just too boring.

Just some of the iconic quotes that James Charles has blessed us with! That is all, kitty girls.

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14 Times Harry Styles Was Too Relatable For His Own Good

We all need a Harry Styles in our life.


Celebrities, they're just like us right? Actually, yes. Harry Styles may be one of the industry's most fashionable and talented artists, but he's also very humble, down to Earth, goofy and extremely relatable. I mean, after all, he was working in a bakery before making it big as part of one of the biggest boybands of the world, One Direction.

Here are 14 times Harry Styles was way too relatable:

1. When you want to dance, but this is your go-to move

2. When you want to showcase your other talents

3. When you're very into working out

4. When you like to jam out with your friends in the car to your favorite songs

5. When you've just had one of those days

6. When you take your dog everywhere with you

7. When you're always keeping hydrated... or just getting ready for some good gossip

8. When you've had a long, draining day and just want to go to sleep

9. When you try to participate in new activities and fail

10. When you want to change up your look so you chop off all your hair

11. When you're in the car and look out the window pretending you're in a movie, trying to look deep in thought

12. When you want to make yourself into a burrito blanket

13. When you want to just enjoy a nice bubble bath

14. When you're constantly eating

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