Here are some great, new recipes to try with all those leftovers from Thanksgiving!

Mashed potato waffles

As if this sentence alone needed any more convincing to be done. Mashed potatoes are obviously one of the best things about Thanksgiving, as they are as near and dear to all of our hearts. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a heaping mountain of these fluffy, golden spuds, rippled with butter and dowsed in gravy. But, after the holiday is over, you may be left with more of these guys than you know what to do with. So, why not make a fun breakfast out of them, to shake things up? This recipe only requires a few simple ingredients, that being mashed potatoes, cheese, flour, and some spices that you will most likely already have lying around from holiday cooking.

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Leftover turkey and rice soup

Usually the word "holiday" is synonymous with the words "food coma". This condition has become a common staple in any person's holiday experience. When that "one serving" of mashed potatoes turns into three, that "half" of a roll turns into five, and the "silver" of pumpkin pie turns into virtually the whole pie. After waking from this food coma, sometimes the last thing you want to do is look at the culprits sitting in the fridge, leftover. Well, this mindful recipe is for those who are searching for something a little lighter after the annual face stuffing has come to an end. This turkey and rice soup will not only nourish your soul, but it's lighter than the usual heavy food we are accustomed to over the holidays, making it a perfect recipe to make with the leftover turkey.

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Cranberry oatmeal bars

Let's face it: cranberry sauce is either one of those things you love or hate. So, that means around the holidays you may be left with a lot of this side dish. Though it may seem like nothing more can really be done with cranberry sauce (put it on ice cream and call it a day?...) that's simply not true! Enter these super easy oatmeal cranberry bars that repurpose that leftover cranberry sauce. These bars are so easy to make and whip up, as they only require rolled oats, flour, sugar, and cranberry sauce, making these the perfect post-Thanksgiving snack recipe. They are sweet enough to eat as dessert but can most definitely be a delicious breakfast as well!

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Pumpkin pie shake

I know what you're thinking when you read the title of this one, but trust me on this. After Thanksgiving, the pumpkin pie that is left gets mistreated, as forks are stabbed haphazardly into it, taking out uneven chunks and bites, tarnishing what was once so great. You need to show how good the pumpkin pie can be, even after the holidays and what better way then to add ice cream, milk, and a high powered blender? One tip for this recipe is to leave some piece of pumpkin pie crust still slightly intact, as this will give pockets of golden crust goodness for you to find as you make your way through this dessert. Finally, a twist on pumpkin pie that's easy and oh so delicious.

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Happy eating!