When you think about left-handed people, only the negative factors come to the mind first. Things like a higher risk of psychosis or early death than those who are right-handed (which can be kind of scary). There's no denying the left-handers are left out.

But the good news is, being a lefty is not all bad. Some studies even say that we are more in tune with our emotions than those who are right-handed.

With so many people living in the United States (and more coming almost every day). It's crazy to think that only 10% of the US population is truly left handed. Keeping that in mind, here are XX struggles that the everyday lefty has to deal with in a predominantly right-handed world.

1. The ink (or lead) on the side of your pinky

left hand

All lefties know that at the end of the day if they have done any type of writing there is going to be some sort of coloring on their pinky. Many common colors (at least for me) include blue, black, pencil and sometimes purple.

2. The only choice of right-handed scissors 


And the struggle that came with either trying to use them with your left and or badly cutting something with your non-dominate hand. I mean how hard is it to also have readily available lefty scissors too.

3. Right-handed desk


In some classes, you were probably wondering how not a single one of the desk could be left-handed ones, surely you weren't the only left-handed person in the entire school or class.

4. Sitting next to a right-handed person during dinner or in class

desk writing

Oh, the elbow bumping that comes with it. You no longer bother apologizing, you just throw up your left hand, point to it and shrug.

Advice from a left-hander: try to either sit on the outside where my left elbow is not touching anyone or on the very inside where the only thing that my elbow is hitting is the wall. This prevents people next to you from getting too annoyed.

5. Spiral notebooks, bingers, folders, etc

spiral notebook

These are the absolute worse. One solution to the problem could be to start at the back of the notebook and work your way to the front.

6. When someone sees/hears that you are left-handed

left hand responces

No words are needed here.

7. Measuring cups

measuring cup

Hope you like the metric system!

8. The smudging


Oh the smudging! You can't write ANYTHING without smudging it.

9. Can openers

can opener

I mean is there anything worse??