LeBron James' Skills And Greatness Will Lead The Lakers To The Finals In 2019
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LeBron James' Skills and Greatness will lead The Lakers to the finals In 2019

The greatest basketball player in the world joins the city of Los Angeles


Finally, Laker Fans can cheer for something. After many years of wasted years things were looking bright even their young players started to emerge. Now it just got better with the current best player in the world coming to join the team along with some interesting players with a lot of "character." So with the addition of LeBron James and other veterans will this Laker team will reach the playoffs and the finals? Yes.

One reason why this team will reach the finals is the roster that James can work with. This Laker team may be young but the chemistry and desire to be the best. They have the hunger and mentality to win the championship and that was something the Cavs missed in my opinion missed. They are young but just looking at how they play they just don't have what the Laker squad has now and he dragged that team to the finals. Granted it was the Easy East but is still an impressive feat. Also, note that most of the Lakers losses where close games mostly against Western playoff teams.

Lebron James hasn't really said much about the Laker young core but Ramona Shelburne a credible source tweeted that Lebon LeBron did tell the Lakers on Saturday night that he likes Lonzo's game and is excited to play with him. With all the drama Lonzo's dad brings the fact that James is still excited about laying with him shows that he's ready for this new challenge of guiding a young talented team.

Another reason is the acquirement of the veterans that they signed. Lance Stephenson does have a...history with LeBron James but real winners are looking to put personal things behind them and move forward. Look at Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest(now known as Metta World Peace). Before they were teammates Artest was at Bryant's face during his time with the Houston Rockets now after he signed with the Lakers they won a championship together and he turned into a loyal friend. I believe the same could be said for James and Stephenson. Javale Mcgee has shown that despite his embarrassing antics can play and he proved it in the finals. Rajon Rondo is also a nice additional pickup for the team. He plays almost a similar game to Lonzo Ball so I believe that the management is looking for Rondo to mentor him and give him some insight on how to contribute without shooting.

Free agency is still not over yet as the team could still add in more pieces. The Lakers can almost guarantee to reach the playoffs but the road to the Finals will be a huge challenge because it is the West and after the Golden State Warriors acquire yet another all-star it seems impossible. I believe that if the team can just find the chemistry and style of play that challenge can be completed. Either way, Lavar Ball must be one happy father once this wild free agency.

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