It all goes by really quickly.

We don't even notice at the time how little we really have in this completely new place that we're studying in.

One day, you're hugging your family good bye and you're excited but scared to leave to go abroad. You have only 3 bags that carries your whole life and you're not too sure what to expect. You know that four months away is a long time but you're sure you will find a way to fill your time.

Then it's suddenly been four months and your time is almost up for you to pack all your things and fly back home.

You're not sure where the time went. Each day was a new adventure, whether flying away for a little weekend trip or staying in your city and exploring the world and people and way of life all around you.

I'm not too sure how to feel now that I have less than two weeks left of my study abroad experience. I know I will miss so many people that have turned into such special and important friendships to me. I'll always cherish the memories I made and the moments that I never caught on camera will stay with me forever.

I'll miss the mystery and vastness of my city and the overcrowded university library seats and classes. I'll miss planning weekend trips and packing my suitcase at least once every two weeks.

I'll miss hanging out in my little dorm room and my flat, that became home so quickly. I'll miss the daily tea breaks with my friends. I'll miss my cafés, our pubs, I'll miss it all so much and just the thought of leaving my city makes me so incredibly sad.

I'm excited to come home and reunite with family and friends. There are so many people I miss so much and cannot wait to catch up with them and talk to them in person and get back to my life at home and at school. But, a piece of my heart will always stay in this city that I studied in.

No words can accurately describe just how bittersweet your studying abroad coming to a close can feel. One thing I am certain of, though, is that saying goodbye is never easy.

It wasn't easy when I left to study abroad and it won't be easy when I have to return home. But I think that's the point: to show that you are capable of making a home in places but being able to leave them when you need to.

I will be back to my city and Europe eventually. I just know it.