Learning What a Communications Degree Actually Is
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Learning What a Communications Degree Actually Is

Even as a senior, I'm still figuring things out about my major everyday.

Learning What a Communications Degree Actually Is

A communications degree encompasses many different aspects of the work force, and that's why I believe so many people are drawn to it. It's definitely why I was drawn to it. Many people don't realize what a communications degree is, what its use is, or what careers you can find. Truth is, none of us in the major know either, but we know there's A LOT you can get into with it.

I like to describe communications as the marketing degree of the College of Arts and Sciences. Why do people relate to marketing so much but never communications? They go hand in hand with each other. Just like communications, you can do so much with marketing as well. But for the people like me who CANNOT do the business or analytical aspects of a company, communications is just the way to go.

Don't be discouraged if you still are not sure what concentration of communications you want to pursue. For example, there's public relations, journalism, broadcasting, theatre, small group communication, and communication studies. What's so great about the field, especially at MSU, is that no matter what concentration you choose, you can decide to have some classes that pertain to other concentrations. For example, I am in a small group communications class right now, and in my first semester at MSU I took an introduction to communication theory class.

I'm realizing now, in my senior year of college, that I do not know if I even want a job in public relations..... and that's okay. Even though PR is my concentration, I am not limited to just that when looking at careers I want to get into. Jobs can include federal government, human resources, a professor, social media manager, advertising, design, event planning, etc. The options are endless.

Another positive aspect about a communications degree, specifically PR, is that you do not necessarily have to obtain a Master's degree in order to make more money like in so many other fields. Andy Likes, senior vice president of The Vandouver Group (PR Firm), said he looks at work experience over education. While a Master's degree is great to have, it will not hinder you from reaching management positions in PR if you only have an undergraduate degree.

I do think it's really important to note that with today's social media, the field is constantly changing and expanding. 10 years ago PR professionals did not do half the things they need to do now. It's so great though because it's opening jobs for us! Stay constant with the times and don't be afraid of change. Change is good.

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