Why You Should Learn Sign Language

This summer, I decided that I would put myself outside my comfort zone by trying new things. One of these things is to learn a new language, specifically sign language. Learning a language has many benefits including not only better listening skills, enhanced memory, better concentration, and problem-solving skills, but also the opportunity to broaden your horizons by being able to gain insight into a different culture and communicate with more people. You never know when knowing another language can be useful. For instance, it can add to your resume or be handy when traveling abroad.

Personally, I feel that learning sign language can help boost my confidence, as well. Learning something and one day being proficient in it will make me feel more secure about my own abilities. I will also have to fail to succeed, so it will show me that I am capable of doing different things as long as I persevere. Moreover, it will be useful to me in my career as a psychiatrist where I will have to communicate with patients from different backgrounds with different needs.

Most importantly, I have recently found it to be extremely important to do things that are new to you. When we let ourselves sit around in our habitual lives, we stop growing and improving ourselves and I feel that I have then failed to take full advantage of the privileged life given to me. I also start to feel like I am just going through the motions if I am not actively pursuing my goals and trying challenging things. It is more than just learning sign language, it is also about learning more about myself and my capabilities along the way.

I encourage everyone reading this to take any opportunity they have to step outside their box. You never know what beautiful things you can discover.

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