The Beauty Of Being A Right-Brain Thinker

As humans, we are either left or ride side brain thinkers. The left being the logical and mathematical, and the right being the artistic and visionary. This even applies to how we kiss, whichever side of the brain is used most, is the side that we lean to whenever we kiss someone. I, personally, am a right brain thinker. I see things in colors, and what I mean by that is I see people’s colors. I see things in such bright, vivid colors that it startles me from time to time. If someone is sad or upset or not their norm, I can pick up on that based on what color I see off of them, their aura, if you will. Keeping that in mind, it leads me to have a sense of intuition that has yet to fail me. I’m not psychic by any means, but whenever something bad is about to happen, I get very bad pains all over my body and extremely nauseated. I try to keep that in mind, especially when making friends. If they have a color that seems to radiate a color that makes me sick, then I try to avoid them.

Being a right-side brainer, I love art as well. Whether it be music, poetry, fiction, photography, tattoos, these things are something that never fails to enthrall me. Music has been a long part of my life, so far as to listening to music is the only way for me to be able to sleep at night. I love dissecting songs and hearing all the individual beats and the chords and the lyrics and the emotions and the breath of the singer. I see them recording that, and visually I imagine them in front of a microphone, passionately singing what they mean. That is one of the reasons I love music videos, I love seeing the story behind the song. The same is applicable to written word. I love storytelling, I love reading fiction and poetry, because in fiction, I can tell when the author was genuinely enjoying writing it, or whether they were just typing for the sake of a word count. In poetry, it’s rare that you find a poet who doesn’t show emotion when they write. When I’ve been at dark points in my life or when something happens, I have, absolutely HAVE, to pull out something to write on, and get the thought out, and later I see how I could weave that into the story, and try to get my message across and leave people thinking. The people who have inspired me the most in my writing career have been Ellen Hopkins and Rupi Kaur. All of their works have left me speechless and incapable to think for a while, because all I can think is about how life-changing their work was and I stay encompassed in those worlds forever, and I thank them for writing these beautiful pieces. Art and photography tell their own stories too, and I love how all forms of media can be interpreted, because everything in life is subjective.

Being a right side brainer also makes me highly inept with my emotions. I think far too much and tend to overthink things, which often make me sensitive. I try to always be there if someone needs me, hence why I keep my phone on when I sleep, so if someone calls, I’m there. I love understanding where people come from, and seeing other people happy is a part of my happiness. I am very empathetic to people, and try to All I have ever wanted to do since I was little was help people, which is why I’m planning to become an LPC once I graduate, and minor in writing.

I am a dreamer and a free-spirit. My heart breaks for people who have gone through rough mental patches, or rough patches in general. I dream of coexistence and peace, no matter who you are or what you’ve been through. No matter whether you think with the left side of your brain, or the right side. I hope one day that those dreams become a reality, and that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. You are your own person, do what you’d like to do, and try not to focus too much on bad things. We get through our trials and our struggles, and they make us more aware of ourselves. This is who I am, and I create art, never chaos. Lastly, as a right side brain thinker, I encourage everyone to read a book or go to an art gallery or listen to some music and find yourself thinking. Be yourself, and don’t ever fade. Everyone has at least one good story to tell, and I genuinely hope that you share your story. Life is only as good as your perspective, if you focus on the bad things in life, then you'll think life is bad, but if you focus on the good, then life becomes good and enjoyable. Never be afraid to live, embrace yourself for who you are and do not let people define you.

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