5 Reasons You Should Learn To Play An Instrument In College

5 Reasons You Should Learn To Play An Instrument In College

Just because you didn't learn to play the violin in elementary school doesn't mean it's too late to try.

5 Reasons You Should Learn To Play An Instrument In College

Once you've started college, you might think your chance to learn an instrument has passed. Kids absorb music lessons quickly but now that you're an adult, you might think it's too late for you, it's too difficult or you don't have time.

On the contrary, college is a prime moment in your life when you get to spend time developing your interests and trying new things. You're in a unique place where you get to figure out your strengths, hobbies and future.

Put off any fear or doubt about starting this process now.

Learning an instrument can improve your college experience, help you grow as a person and continue to affect your life once you've graduated. Check out the following five reasons that learning an instrument in college can benefit you.

1. It can be your choice now

While you were growing up, your parents, guardians or school probably tried to put you through music lessons to give you a chance to learn an instrument. But when you were a child, the decision to sit down and play wasn't coming from you.

You may have intentionally avoided learning an instrument or gradually stopped your childhood music lessons but now you can make your own choice.

You can learn because you want to and continue to master an instrument due to your own determination. You get to select your instrument, the kind of music you'll play and who you play for.

2. It helps you unwind after classes

College is a stressful time — you're balancing school, work, relationships and more. Whether you're getting through gen eds that don't interest you or tackling advanced concepts, strumming your guitar in between can relieve some tension.

When the pressure of finals gets to you, you'll have a relaxing escape in music. Creating music switches emotions and reactions when you're overwhelmed.

You can offset stress with this recreational hobby and learn how to manage your stress level by adding in musical breaks.

3. It creates a shared interest with new friends

There are several ways to get connected with people in college but when you have music in common with others, you have a natural segue into friendship.

You can get tips from more experienced musicians or trade advice with fellow newbies that you meet. Invite them to play with you and see what making music with others is like.

If you start playing in a band or orchestra, you can become close to the other musicians. Music groups are a way to keep your motivation and progress steady and you and your new friends can have a blast performing together too.

4. It can be an affordable extracurricular

Paying tuition and living expenses probably means you're broke and many college activities can drain your bank account even more.

From sororities and fraternities to participating in the latest trends, expensive practices can hurt your finances. But playing an instrument is a more cost-effective option.

If you find a deal on a drumset or rent a saxophone, your instrument doesn't have to be full price. You can acquire a piano without buying a brand new one when you purchase a used piano or factory-restored piano.

Many other ways exist to get popular instruments at an affordable price and whatever the initial price is, it will be a worthwhile investment.

5. It provides you with a new skill

Practicing and improving at an instrument takes discipline but after a while, you can appreciate the payoff of your hard work. You'll watch your talent grow and you can also see other practical life skills develop from your music.

Patience, perseverance and consistency are all beneficial lessons that you can pick up when you're learning to play an instrument.

Your developing talent can help you in other areas of life too, like in your studies. Musical training can increase your cognitive abilities, so your GPA might start looking better once you've started learning chords and playing melodies.

You can even think outside the box better once your horizons have been broadened with making music.

Start mastering an instrument today!

Adding a musical instrument to your life can alter your daily routine, give you an opportunity for new friendships, provide you with another skill and much more.

Despite where you are in life, you can start making music and honing your skills. Why not challenge yourself to take on an instrument while in college?

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