Having A Lazy Senior Spring

Due to a small mishap in my previous scheduling, I'm currently nearing the end of a quarter during which I only took one class, as opposed to the normal four. I thought about getting a job with all my free time, but I figured when else will I have this kind of time? So I decided to be a complete loaf for three months and prepare myself for the upcoming trials of adulthood. Having nothing to do for three months has been great at times, but has gotten pretty bleak at others.

Week 1:

This is going to be great on so many levels. I'll be able to relax, I'll have time for hobbies, and I'll be able to see my friends! Maybe I'll even start going to the gym again.

Week 2:

I'm still so excited. Last week was my chill week, and now I'm going to start working on my hobbies and all that.

Week 3:

....Third week's the charm, yeah?

Week 4:

While I've done exactly zero work so far this quarter, I have had a great social life! Bar night on a Monday, amiright? #seniorspring

Week 5:

Let's go out tonight! Oh, you can't because you're studying? That's okay, I'll just stay home and.... watch another season of my third show this quarter, I guess.

Week 6:

Look at me! I'm at the gym for the first time this quarter and it's only week....six. Oh. It's week six.

Week 7:

I'm simultaneously bored out of my mind and completely unwilling to get out of my bed. What gives?

Week 8:

I am a mole person. I haven't seen the light of day in twenty years.

Week 9:


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