As we all know, there is a very limited number of handicapped parking spots compared to regular spots. Depending on the size of the parking lot, there is roughly two handicapped parking spots and the rest of the parking lot is normal spots.

Now, I know we all know that there are requirements to be able to park in those handicapped spots. There are some drivers that need those spots. They filled out the proper paperwork and acquired one of those decals, or have it on their license plate because they needed it.

However, you lazy people who park there to avoid a walk do not need a handicapped spot.

One morning, I watched a lady have to use a remote control to open the door to get herself into her wheelchair because she couldn't do it all by herself. This is the kind of person who needs those handicapped spots. She needs that extra room provided to be able to get out and into her wheelchair. She needs the ramp to be able to get from the parking lot onto the sidewalk.

As a college student, I know there is a struggle to find parking spots sometimes, but there is a reason these spots are specially marked.

Just this morning, I had to hike like a mile from my parking spot to my class so I understand, trust me. However, I would never even think of taking up a handicapped spot because I know that those are reserved for people that need those extra spaces and ramps. I don't need those things.

There is no reason that someone like me should be taking up a spot that I don't need. Being lazy is not a reason to park in a handicapped spot.

So, stop being lazy. Walk if you have to walk. Come back at a later time if that's what it will take for you to get a closer spot. But whatever you do, do not take a spot away from someone who really needs it because you don't want to walk. You can deal with the walk like the rest of us because there's nothing wrong with you, other than laziness.