Lauren Daigle Claimed She Isn't A Christian Artist, But That Doesn't Mean She Isn't A Christian

Lauren Daigle Claimed She Isn't A Christian Artist, But That Doesn't Mean She Isn't A Christian

"I feel like those labels get put on you by other people, so I feel like part of me is just an artist because it encompasses everything."


Who is Lauren Daigle?

Lauren Daigle is an American Christian Contemporary singer and songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana. She has three albums: "How Can It Be," "Behold," "Look Up Child."

On January 4, 2019, 104.3 MYfm interviewed Lauren Daigle. At the beginning of this interview, Daigle talked a lot about her tour and different things she needs when on the road. At one point the interviewer says "You are known, as far as your music, as more of a Christian artist, but now with all this mainstream, things are different. So, first of all, what do you call yourself?" Daigle replies "I feel like those labels get put on you by other people, so I feel like part of me is just an artist because it encompasses everything."

What made me want to write this article was when I began reading through all of the comments on the YouTube interview. These comments consisted of "Lauren Daigle is NOT about Jesus...she is obviously about herself. She does not represent Christ-followers.", And "SELL OUT...Shame, but at least we heard from the horse's mouth that she is NOT a Christian artist." I named this article "Lauren Daigle Claimed She's Not A Christian Artist, But That Doesn't Mean She's Not A Christian" because that's just it.

A plumber can be a Christian, but he isn't going around saying "I'm a Christian plumber." Daigle states that she calls herself an artist because that encompasses everything throughout the music world. She also talks about how she knows that the songs she writes will get to the people they are meant to by saying "Let's just make sure that we make music that we believe in that's pure, true sound and something that we love. That music will transcend wherever it's meant to go."

I believe that what we need to realize is that, in today's society, Daigle would've gotten negative comments whether she called herself a Christian artist or just an artist. Lauren Daigle writes Christian music to connect with people. One thing I noticed in the interview is how excited she was when the interviewer began talking about how connectable her music is, and through that, I believe we can really see how true she is to her heart and faith in God.

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Being Different Is Not OK

The dangers of the lessons we're taught as kids.


So I've been working in childcare since the year 2000. Through this field I've witnessed A LOT of worldly experiences. Perhaps the common and forsaken experience I've had in this field is seeing the lessons and things that I wished were never taught to me being taught those coming up now.

I always knew that being introverted was a personality trait that people hated. I wasn't aware of why it was hated so much. It was just something society has always pushed against. Anything to make kids more sociable was okay, damn how the kid felt about it. If the kids are seen playing alone or reading or just minding their own business, we make them interact. Make them share toys. Make them move to a part of the room where more kids are. Go over and play with the child ourselves so they're not alone.

Now, don't get me wrong, bullying could be the reason the child isn't interacting with others. Then maybe I could see trying to connect the child with others to help them see that not all kids are bullies. However, if they don't want to interact, why make them?

One of the teachers had some of the kids stay at her house one weekend for a play date. She described how one of the girls hid under a table and read the whole weekend. They all thought she was really strange. The other girls won't invite her to their house anymore. The other teachers all agreed and shared their own stories of the girl not interacting with anyone. She is branded a strange child with nothing to be done for her. I felt so bad for the girl who was just happy enjoying what she wanted to enjoy. The fact that others don't share the girl's interests and don't want to take the time to try to take an interest in her has nothing to do with her.

Then there's the ever present fear of children "turning gay". Boys are not allowed to play with anything that are "for girls." Girls are not allowed to play with anything that is "for boys." Whenever we watch television, it has to be a program thats for both boys and girls. With the smaller kids that's easy. With the schoolagers being directly impacted by gender stereotypes, it's much harder. Bullying becomes an issue when boys like shows “meant for girls" or vice versa. The saddest part is that other teachers support when the girls question why a boy likes a certain show or likes certain music or vice versa for the girls!

It doesn't just happen in childcare settings. These kids are getting these same messages at home and at school when they become school age. Being alone is not okay. Be around people. Talk about something, anything, as long as other people like that thing too. If you're a boy and you like to play with Barbies, there's something wrong. If you're a girl and you like to build with blocks, there's something wrong.

Girls should only talk to other girls and boys should only talk to other boys. There's no reason boys and girls should be talking to each other.

I don't know how many times I was that same little girl hiding somewhere reading. How many times I still am that little girl. My mother tried desperately to get me to interact with other kids. My teachers always made me interact with my classmates. I couldn't get away from anyone growing up. My mom always forced me to wear dresses and stockings. She tried to make me wear make up. It's not that I didn't want to be a girly girl, I just always wished I could be a girly girl without all that fanfare. My mother didn't want to hear that. Afterall, thats how she learned to be a lady, so why didn't I want that? I had an absolutely terrible childhood.

All I had were my books and Barbies, and my mother HATED that I had both. She hated that I stayed in my room. That I didn't have friends. When I got to Junior High and finally started making friends, they were all just like me. She hated that. The kids in school hated that I wasn't like them.

Even in a performing arts high school it was strange and unacceptable to be quiet. It was unacceptable to not adhere to gender norms. You were looked at as a lost cause, and your parents were considered failures for you not falling in line.

I see these same godforsaken values being placed on kids today. Recently one afternoon, out the blue one of the schoolagers comes up to me and asked why I don't talk. He's already realized that people who don't talk are strange. Coworkers CONSTANTLY try to get me to go out with them on weekends or eat the foods they eat or try to get me to talk about my private life. Why don't I ever wear makeup or wear dresses or talk about guys?

It's disgusting. It's a tragedy that these lessons are drilled into us basically from birth and are what frame our experience of the world thereafter. This is one of the reasons I can't wait to leave this field.

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Practicing Yoga Makes Me Feel Better Almost Instantly

Yoga has also given me lifestyle changes I never expected.


First, let's talk about what yoga is not. It isn't twisting into some impossible pretzel shape or sitting around chanting "om" for an hour. It doesn't have to be slow and it's not just for women.

One of my favorite instructors likes to say that yoga is just simply breathing, if you've ever just taken a moment to have a few calm breaths then you've done yoga.

attractive fit young man doing yoga on the beach

The start of my sophomore year was rough for me. I struggled with anxiety, especially in social situations. I stopped going out in groups with my friends and I spent the majority of my time in my room being anxious over other stuff.

I wouldn't go to social events or even walk on local trails because my anxiety was so high it kept me from going out and enjoying myself. I was unhappy with myself and how I always felt tired all the time and stressed out.

I started my yoga "journey" in the fall semester of my sophomore year of college just looking for additional exercise and something to get invested in to stay active. Shortly after attending just one and sometimes two classes a week I noticed I was becoming calmer and relieved in my everyday life.

Eventually, I was able to attend class without a friend coming with me and I even branched out to other yoga classes and I started taking early morning ones as well. I felt a huge difference in my mood and my overall energy and I had this motivation to finally get up and get things done, it was like I had control over my anxiety.

After a couple of months of going to regular classes and even practicing a little at home I can finally say that I am happy with myself. I call yoga a journey because it took me out of my comfort zone and helped me push open my boundaries more.

Yoga has also given me lifestyle changes I never expected. I am healthier because not only am I more active but I am striving to eat better which also makes me feel better. I understand myself better, because I took the time to reflect on what I want and what I don't want in my life. I realized there was a good amount of negative energy around me, I took the time to recognize my own negative energy and focus on changing myself.

The best part of yoga? You can practice it anywhere. If going to classes just isn't an option, you can watch Yoga With Adriene on Youtube or even just Google poses you would want to try out. Have hip, back or neck pain? I guarantee there is a yoga sequence or a few moves to loosen out your tension.

Yoga With Adriene

I urge everyone to try out yoga, and if it isn't your thing then you can say you tried but, I truly do believe that yoga is what you make of it.

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