Who is Lauren Daigle?

Lauren Daigle is an American Christian Contemporary singer and songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana. She has three albums: "How Can It Be," "Behold," "Look Up Child."

On January 4, 2019, 104.3 MYfm interviewed Lauren Daigle. At the beginning of this interview, Daigle talked a lot about her tour and different things she needs when on the road. At one point the interviewer says "You are known, as far as your music, as more of a Christian artist, but now with all this mainstream, things are different. So, first of all, what do you call yourself?" Daigle replies "I feel like those labels get put on you by other people, so I feel like part of me is just an artist because it encompasses everything."

What made me want to write this article was when I began reading through all of the comments on the YouTube interview. These comments consisted of "Lauren Daigle is NOT about Jesus...she is obviously about herself. She does not represent Christ-followers.", And "SELL OUT...Shame, but at least we heard from the horse's mouth that she is NOT a Christian artist." I named this article "Lauren Daigle Claimed She's Not A Christian Artist, But That Doesn't Mean She's Not A Christian" because that's just it.

A plumber can be a Christian, but he isn't going around saying "I'm a Christian plumber." Daigle states that she calls herself an artist because that encompasses everything throughout the music world. She also talks about how she knows that the songs she writes will get to the people they are meant to by saying "Let's just make sure that we make music that we believe in that's pure, true sound and something that we love. That music will transcend wherever it's meant to go."

I believe that what we need to realize is that, in today's society, Daigle would've gotten negative comments whether she called herself a Christian artist or just an artist. Lauren Daigle writes Christian music to connect with people. One thing I noticed in the interview is how excited she was when the interviewer began talking about how connectable her music is, and through that, I believe we can really see how true she is to her heart and faith in God.