Maybe You Are Being A 'Lauren Akins Girlfriend,' But You Don't Have A 'Thomas Rhett Boyfriend'

Maybe You Are Being A 'Lauren Akins Girlfriend,' But You Don't Have A 'Thomas Rhett Boyfriend'

If he doesn't remind you, “All I need in this life is your crazy love,” it’s time to find someone who will.

If it weren’t for relationships like Lauren Akins and Thomas Rhett’s, I’m convinced that we’d lose our fairytale fantasies of what love should really look like.

Numerous articles have been written about their beautiful romance. In particular, this one really had me thinking about why we choose to settle in our relationships.

One line struck a chord with me, “Maybe our boyfriends are looking for a Lauren Akins just as much as we are looking for a Thomas Rhett.” I don’t deny that it isn’t true because guys are looking for that woman who encourages them to go after their dreams, yet also challenges them by holding them accountable.

Let’s consider this:

What if we ARE giving our boyfriends that Lauren Akins love but aren’t receiving that Thomas Rhett love in return?

I’ve seen so many girls give all of themselves to guys who treated them like shit. They let themselves fall into this trap of believing, “Oh, I already know he loves me, he doesn’t have to show it 24/7.” Yet if he doesn’t show you he loves you at least some of the time, then I’d say you’ve got an unhealthy relationship.

I am NOT saying that it’s all about the physical stuff, it’s about the little things he does for you to show you how much he loves you. It’s him getting the oil changed on your car when he noticed the light on your dash yesterday because he knows you’re super busy that week. It’s him cooking you dinner (even if it is just something in the microwave) just so you two can spend extra time together at the end of a long day.

I get it: this may not be every single week of your relationship because life is crazy and things WILL get in the way, but it’s up to you two on how you’re going to get through it together.

What’s the point of living this life if you don’t share it with someone?

Ladies, if your boyfriend isn’t giving you that Thomas Rhett love, then he needs to go. If you’re giving that Lauren Akins love to someone who doesn’t remind you, “All I need in this life is your crazy love,” it’s time to find someone who will.

Cover Image Credit: Lauren Akins Instagram

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