29 Latinx Food Influencers Everyone Should Be Following
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29 Latinx Food Influencers Everyone Should Be Following To Support The Hispanic Community

La comida es vida y punto (food is life).

29 Latinx Food Influencers Everyone Should Be Following To Support The Hispanic Community

Food is a defining feature of many cultures. It is a bridge to invite others to learn about and experience your culture and can be a way to celebrate and remember your home, heritage, and family.

While you may not be able to fly to Lima for a juicy ceviche or to the streets of Buenos Aires in search of a tasty asado feast, I invite you to salivate over and be inspired by the following top Latinx foodie Instagram accounts.

1. @ittakes2totaco

Location: North Carolina, USA

Theme: Tacos

Heritage: Mexico and the United States

2. @lacomidadejeremie

Jeremie Serrano is a self-described "foul-mouthed boricua" and is a traveling, plant-based chef & activist. He serves up vegan recipes with "a pinch of cultura and a dash of activism".

Location: Tennessee, USA

Theme: Vegan

Heritage: Puerto Rico

3. @nibblesnfeasts

Location: California, USA
Theme: Recipes
Heritage: Mexico

4. @presleyspantry

Location: California, USA

Theme: Plant-based

5. @lolascocina

Location: Colorado, USA
Theme: Food, culture, and cooking
Heritage: Mexico and the United States

6. @marnely_murray

Location: Massachusetts
Heritage: Dominican Republic

7. @cocoverdevegan

Location: Massachusetts, USA

Theme: Vegan

Heritage: Dominican Republic

8. @laylapujol

Location: Washington, USA

Heritage: Ecuador

9. @easyanddelish

Location: Texas, USA

Heritage: Brazil

10. @isabeleats

Location: Oklahoma, USA

Heritage: Mexico

11. @hungryfoodlove

Location: New York, USA

Heritage: Dominican Republic

12. @pilarwoloszyn

Location: Ecuador

Heritage: Chile

13. @acozykitchen

Location: California, USA

Heritage: Peru, Colombia

14. @theglutster

Location: California, USA

15. @naturally.jo

Jose's feed will lighten your soul with unicorn marzipan creatures, mermaid tails diving into smoothie jars of ocean ice cream, and actual Starry Night toast.

16. @aliciasdelicias

Location: California, USA

Theme: Cookies

Heritage: Mexico

17. @lacooquette

Maria Sierra describes herself as a "caffeinated Honduran in MX" and shares recipes like ginger alfajores and arepas con ropa vieja.

Location: Mexico

Heritage: Honduras

18. @gdanielagalarza

Daniela Galarza is a self-described "curious cook, baker, eater, reader, editor, writer."

19. @streetgourmetla

Location: California, USA

Heritage: Mexico

20. @fullyrawkristina

Location: Hawaii, USA

Theme: Raw Vegan

Heritage: Ecuador, Lebanon

21. @foodieluvalatina

Her name isn't listed on her social media, but once you see her page, you'll definitely hit follow.

22. @comiendoenla

Location: California, USA

Heritage: Colombia

23. @rawvanafam

Location: California, USA

Theme: Healthy

Heritage: Mexico


Location: Florida, USA

Heritage: Puerto Rico

25. @orianaattias

Location: Panama

Heritage: Panama

26. @wyneesworld

Location: North Carolina, USA

27. @hungrytravelingmama

Location: Washington, USA

Heritage: Puerto Rico

28. @andrealoretdemola

Location: New York, USA

Heritage: Peru

29. @dashof_colorandspice

Location: Kansas, USA

Theme: Whole30

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