43 Latin Songs That Even Non-Spanish Speakers Can Get Loca With
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43 Latin Songs That Even Non-Spanish Speakers Can Get Loca With

If you don't have a fiesta in your car every morning, then you're doing it wrong.

43 Latin Songs That Even Non-Spanish Speakers Can Get Loca With
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Ever since I went to Miami this past summer, I have been hooked on Spanish music.

I literally can’t stop listening to it; why does everything sound better in Spanish?

Pretty convinced if you listen to any of these songs, you’ll basically start teaching yourself the language.

1. Besándote - Piso 21

2. Loco Enamorado - Abraham Mateo, Farruko, Christian Daniel

3. Sé Que Te Duele - Alejandro Fernandez, Morat

4. Gyal You A Party Animal (Remix) - Charly Black, Daddy Yankee

5. La Gozadera - Gente De Zona, Marc Anthony

6. Hasta el Amanecer - Nicky Jam

7. Libre - Legarda, Mr. Jukeboxx

8. Sensualidad - Bad Bunny, Prince Royce, J Balvin, Mambo Kingz, DJ Luian

9. Amor, Amor, Amor - Jennifer Lopez, Wisin

10. Una Lady Como Tú (Remix) - Manuel Turizo, Nicky Jam

11. Vente Pa’ Ca - Ricky Martin, Maluma

12. Criminal - Natti Natasha, Ozuna

13. Mayores - Becky G, Bad Bunny

14. El Taxi (Spanglish Version) - Pitbull, Lil Jon, Osmani Garcia “La Voz”

15. Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira

16. Dura - Daddy Yankee

17. Corazón - Maluma, Nego de Borel

18. Sola (Remix) - Anuel Aa, Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Farruko, Zion & Lennox

19. Si Ella Quisiera (Remix) - Justin Quiles, Yandel, Gadiel

20. Junto a Ti - Buxxi

21. Bonita - J Balvin, Jowell & Randy

22. Mi Mala - Mau y Ricky, Karol G

23. Ahora Me Llama - Karol G, Bad Bunny, Quavo

24. SUTRA - Sebastian Yatra, Dalmata

25. Échame La Culpa - Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato

26. Hola - Flo Rida, Maluma

27. Rockstar (Remix) - Post Malone, Nicky Jam, Ozuna

28. Muevelo Loca Boom Boom - Pitbull

29. Duro y Suave - Leslie Grace, Noriel

30. Me Rehúso - Danny Ocean

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31. Danza Kuduro - Dan Omar, Lucenzo

32. Bailando por el Mundo - Juan Magán, Pitbull, El Cata

33. Mi Gente - J Balvin, Willy William

34. Besame - Valentino, Manuel Turizo

35. EL BAÑO - Enrique Iglesias, Bad Bunny

36. Esperándote - Manuel Turizo

37. Safari - J Balvin, Pharrell Williams, BIA, Sky

38. Despacito - Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee

39. Ganas Locas - Prince Royce, Farruko

40. Todo Cambio - Becky G, CNCO

41. Vamo’ a la calle - Carlos Baute, Chyno Miranda

42. Ropa Interior - Justin Quiles

43. Mamita - CNCO

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