We’ve all found ourselves on the weird side of Youtube at 3 AM without a clue as to why or how we got there. Here are some videos we’ve binge-watched late night:

1. My Strange Addiction

You think you're weird until you hear some of these stories. From addicted to eating nail polish to eating drywall, there are all kinds of people in this world.

2. My 600 Pound Life

It's probably f*cked up to derive satisfaction from another's pain, but why else do we watch so many of these videos?

3. All the other TLC shows

TLC is basically the hub of all abnormal people.

4. Buzzfeed

Answering all the questions you never knew you had.

5. Tasty

Technically Buzzfeed but deserving enough of its own category. Even if you can't cook, it's so satisfying to watch.

6. Supersize v. Superskinny

Again, it's probably f*cked to derive satisfaction from others' pain, but we still can't stop watching.

7. Pimple popping videos


8. Ellen

A kind, funny soul who never runs out of things to say.

9. Gordon Ramsey

A heated soul with a soft spot for children who never runs out of things to say.

10. Disturbing Crime Videos

Disturbing real-life horrors.

11. Standup Comedy

What's better than discovering all these hilarious souls?