The Last Weeks Of The Fall Semester As Told By The Cast Of Parks and Recreation

It's the homestretch everyone; the last few weeks before the semester ends! We have Thanksgiving and Christmas, but first, we have to get through the rest of the semester. Here is a list of the emotions you're going to go through the next few weeks, as told by the cast of "Parks and Recreation."

1. When you realize there are only a few weeks left:

2. When you survive the final quizzes, tests, and exams the two weeks before Thanksgiving break:

3. When you finally get to eat food that isn't dorm food:

4. When it's Black Friday:

5. When you have to return from break and you really don't want to:

6) When the final is tomorrow morning and now you have to cram at 4 AM because all you did was look up random shit:

7) Walking into the final:

8) Walking out of the final:

9) Patiently waiting for your grades to show up:

10) Saying goodbye to all of your friends for the long, yet crazy short break:

11) When you ended up kicking this semester's ass:

12) When you realize it's finally Christmas:

13) When you finally link up with the crew to celebrate New Years:

14) When it's time to go back and kick off the spring semester:

Have a great rest of the semester and Happy Holidays, everybody!

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