All of my life, the last week of classes was the absolute best part of school. But college, the last week of classes sucks. Already mourning of the in-class only friends who I will most likely never speak to again. Leslie Knope does everything perfect, so let's have her describe the last week of school.

1. Realizing it's the last week of class

Suprise! As a professor mentions the final which is WAIT WHAT next week you begin to question if it is or is not the last week of classes.

2. Realizing you have to start studying

Wait if classes are ending... does that mean finals are STARTING? Let the panic set in.

3. Realizing you have to say bye to people

Classes ending means no more seeing people 24/7 anymore... I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING

4. Realizing you will probably just fail finals

I mean it is pretty inevitable at this point!