Why I Don't Need A Large House Or A New Car

In this day and age, parents are always telling their kids to go to college, make a lot of money, get married, buy a house, and go to work until they retire. It's traditional to reach all these milestones in life, and to just follow this structure blindly. You get used to wanting to buy a new car, and you get used to the idea that you will have debt in your life regardless of if it's from student loans or a mortgage. You are raised to think these are all normal, and it is just life.

Yeah, I do go to college. That part is already set in stone. However, I pay for my classes out of pocket and take loans, but pay them off right away. I knew I would go to college and that's because I want to be in the healthcare field. It's almost impossible to be a doctor without a degree. That's just how it is, but the others I do not care much about.

What I want in life is not a big ranch style house in the suburbs, with a great school district for my kids. I don't need brand new cars to drive back and forth from work (just to show how much I am investing into something that does the same job a regular sedan I could lease for less could do). I do not need to pool money into things I do not feel are important to me. I don't need a brand new house and car to show that I can afford it. I don't think it gives my life value, and I do not think it will make it any more beautiful.

What I do put my money into is education and travel. Those are both things that I believe are important for me to invest my money and time into. I want to see the world, and the way to do it is put my money into a savings fund for it, and not buy things that will "change my life for the better."

Yes it is nice to 'treat yo self,' but I don't think wasting my money away into things that won't help me travel and learn will be beneficial to my soul. I want to live with a minimal lifestyle, and I don't need to buy things just to show off what I can afford or what I have. In the end, I am making myself happy, and building my own life. I do not need to please others, and I sure as hell do not need to waste my money in places I do not think will bring my life value.

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