5 Times Lara Jean Was Relatable AF In 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

5 Times Lara Jean Was Relatable AF In 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

For once, I found a teenage character that actually felt similar to me.


In case you haven't heard about Netflix's original film "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," then you need to go find time to watch it. Seriously. I'm on my third time of watching it right now and I saw it for the first time yesterday. Some might say it's cheesy, but I'm a sucker for a good romance. I especially love characters that I can relate to!

Here are five times that "To All The Boys I've Loved Before's" protagonist, Lara Jean, was relatable AF:

1. When We First Meet Her. 

Honestly, from the moment we met Lara Jean, I connected with her. She started the movie out completely lost in her romance novel, which has pretty much been me since I started high school.

2. When We Find Out About the Letters. 

Honestly, who hasn't had incredibly intense crushes? The letters were LJ's way of figuring out her emotions and holding onto them. The fact that she also has experienced unrequited, unprofessed love in the same way that most of us have makes her incredibly relatable as a character.

3. The Diner Conversation With Peter. 

When Lara Jean is talking to Peter about why she's terrified of love, I seriously lost it emotionally. Love can be really scary, and I guess I never had an exact reasoning for it until LJ verbalized it for me!

4. When She Cleans Her Room. 

Obviously, everyone has different levels of cleanliness in their bedroom, but if I'm being honest, the state of my room very closely resembles that of Lara Jean's. Clothing was strewn everywhere and no particular organization. So when Lara Jean was down and cleaning her room, I felt it hit me right in my soul. I never seem able to clean my room unless I'm down, so this scene made me connect to LJ all the more.

5. Her Fear of Driving!

Although I've had my license for quite a bit longer than Lara Jean, sometimes the thought of getting behind the wheel can be terrifying, and I definitely remember how terrifying it was when I first started! For the first several months I pretty much tried to avoid driving whenever I could, so I definitely could understand why Lara Jean was so hesitant about putting herself in the driver's seat.

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Many people think that spending too much time with your significant other is a bad thing. I think that wanting to spend time with them is a blessing. Don't get me wrong, we do not spend every waking minute together. We make sure that we save time for our friends and family, but in the end, we cherish our time together.

He brings out the best in me. When I first met my boyfriend, I knew he was something special. I didn't know what it was, but I knew that it would be important someday. I found out that when I am with him, I am an all-around happier person. I look at things in different ways, and I now know a whole new world of people. He has helped me overcome obstacles that have been holding me back for quite some time.

We enjoy each others company. I can't even begin to tell you how many times we have just sat in silence simply knowing that you are in the company of someone who loves you is comforting. He makes things that would usually be boring a lot more fun. When we do homework together, he makes the work seem like it's not work, and things like a simple trip to Walmart ends up being a comedy show.

We are best friends. Many people say that they are best friends with their significant other. For us, it's true. I can tell him anything. There is no hiding things in our relationship; we come right out and say what we want to say.

He pushes me to succeed. Whether it is with weight loss or homework, he holds me accountable. When I start a new workout, he keeps me on track to be whom I want to be. We make sure that we put homework before going out and that helps us in the long run. Giving up that pizza can be easy when you are spending time with someone you love.

He makes life seem not so hard. College can be hard and make life difficult. It seems that I always have something new happening or another meeting to attend. When I get stressed or overwhelmed, he makes sure that I take the time to put into perspective what really matters and focus on that. And when that fails, we go get McDonald's.

He supports me. He has never once told me that one of my ideas was stupid or out of reach. Whenever something new comes up that I think would be exciting, he is the first one to rally behind me and let me know that it is a good idea (even if it's not).

I love him. Love is a strong word, but I can honestly say I have never felt like this before. Between everything that he does for me, I do just as much for him simply because I love seeing him happy. Spending so much time together isn't hard to do because we love each other. If somewhere down the road we decide to split ways, I will still love him and he will still love me. That will never go away.

Cover Image Credit: Hanna Hartman

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5 Rom-Coms That Will Never Fail To Make You Laugh

These 5 movies will bring you many tears of laughter, and a couple sad tears too.


Whether it's wine night with the girls or a quiet night solo, I love a good romantic comedy. While there are many classic romantic movies like "The Notebook" that nearly made this list, a recent re-watching made me realize many weren't all that funny and haven't aged well. With these 5 movie choices, I wanted to share my favorite more modern and diversified romantic comedy favorites. Whether you need a good laugh or a good cry, these movies will do the trick!

1. Set It Up (2018)

This is hands-down one of those movies that I could just watch over and over again happily. In "Set It Up", two assistants working in the same building team up to get their bosses together by doing what assistants do best: managing their bosses' lives. Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell play the two overworked ambitious assistants for their demanding bosses Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs-both iconic duos in their own ways. I personally love this movie because it fulfills my dream of falling in love as an exhausted assistant in New York City, and Pete Davidson has a supporting role as Powell's roommate.

2. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

"When Harry Met Sally" is an absolute classic and rightfully so. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan star at first as "friends-of-friends" reluctantly sharing a car ride from Chicago to New York, but over the years and through life events they become incredible friends. This movie explores the curious question: "Can men and women truly just be friends?". Crystal and Ryan's chemistry will make you root for them throughout the film with their memorable quirks and love.

3. One Day (2011)

"One Day" is like the more modern version of "When Harry Met Sally" of bringing two seemingly opposite people together. "One Day" stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as two students brought together by the celebration of their college graduation. Though they couldn't be more different people, her an idealist and him a playboy, they begin a friendship spanning the next 20 years where every July 15th they meet again to revisit their friendship.

4. The Big Sick (2017)

Starring comedian, Kumail Nanjiani, and Zoe Kazan, "The Big Sick" is based on the true story of how Nanjiani met his wife. Kumail meets Emily (Kazan) at one of his stand-up shows where their relationship begins, but the relationship is found to be unsustainable because of Kumail's concern for his parents' traditional Pakistani values. While wrestling with his family's beliefs on marriage and relationships, Kazan falls ill and into a coma. While awaiting Emily to wake again, Kumail finds an unlikely friendship with her concerned parents. This movie already has so much depth with the focus on Emily's illness, but the addition of Kumail's cultural struggle with his family's perspective on relationships and love really adds to the versatility of "The Big Sick".

5. (500) Days Of Summer (2009)

"(500) Days of Summer" is hailed a great romantic comedy for the quirkiness of its protagonists, but it made my list because of how the protagonists must reflect on their perceptions of love. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as a young couple of Summer and Tom, she a disbeliever in love and him a hopeless romantic. When she suddenly breaks it off with him, Tom finds himself again through reflection on the 500 days in which their relationship lasted. Past all the general hype this movie received, I loved the theme of reflection and growth portrayed by the characters. The emphasis on finding happiness and peace after a hard break-up is a lesson we can all use in our real lives.

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