5 Times Lara Jean Was Relatable AF In 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

5 Times Lara Jean Was Relatable AF In 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

For once, I found a teenage character that actually felt similar to me.


In case you haven't heard about Netflix's original film "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," then you need to go find time to watch it. Seriously. I'm on my third time of watching it right now and I saw it for the first time yesterday. Some might say it's cheesy, but I'm a sucker for a good romance. I especially love characters that I can relate to!

Here are five times that "To All The Boys I've Loved Before's" protagonist, Lara Jean, was relatable AF:

1. When We First Meet Her. 

Honestly, from the moment we met Lara Jean, I connected with her. She started the movie out completely lost in her romance novel, which has pretty much been me since I started high school.

2. When We Find Out About the Letters. 

Honestly, who hasn't had incredibly intense crushes? The letters were LJ's way of figuring out her emotions and holding onto them. The fact that she also has experienced unrequited, unprofessed love in the same way that most of us have makes her incredibly relatable as a character.

3. The Diner Conversation With Peter. 

When Lara Jean is talking to Peter about why she's terrified of love, I seriously lost it emotionally. Love can be really scary, and I guess I never had an exact reasoning for it until LJ verbalized it for me!

4. When She Cleans Her Room. 

Obviously, everyone has different levels of cleanliness in their bedroom, but if I'm being honest, the state of my room very closely resembles that of Lara Jean's. Clothing was strewn everywhere and no particular organization. So when Lara Jean was down and cleaning her room, I felt it hit me right in my soul. I never seem able to clean my room unless I'm down, so this scene made me connect to LJ all the more.

5. Her Fear of Driving!

Although I've had my license for quite a bit longer than Lara Jean, sometimes the thought of getting behind the wheel can be terrifying, and I definitely remember how terrifying it was when I first started! For the first several months I pretty much tried to avoid driving whenever I could, so I definitely could understand why Lara Jean was so hesitant about putting herself in the driver's seat.

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An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Mom

A simple thank you is not enough.

Your son and I have been dating a while now and I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Wow, where do I start? Ever since the day your son brought me into your home you have shown me nothing but kindness. I have not one negative thought about you and I am truly thankful for that. I first and foremost want to thank you for welcoming me with open arms. There are horror stories of mothers resenting their son's girlfriends and I am blessed there is no resentment or harsh feelings.

Thank you for treating me like one of your children, with so much love but knowing exactly when to tease me.

Thank you for sticking up for me when your son teases me, even though I know it’s all in good fun it's always comforting knowing you have someone by your side.

Thank you for raising a man who respects women and knows how to take responsibility of mistakes and not a boy who is immature and doesn’t take responsibility.

Thank you for always including me in family affairs, I may not be blood family but you do everything you can to make sure I feel like I am.

Thank you for letting me make memories with your family.

There is nothing I value more in this world then memories with friends and family and I am thankful you want and are willing to include me in yours. I have so much to thank you for my thoughts keep running together.

The most important thing I have to thank you for is for trusting me with your son. I know how precious and valuable he is and I won't break his heart. I will do everything I can to make him happy. This means more than you could ever imagine and I promise I will never break your trust.

The second most important thing I must thank you for is for accepting me for who I am. Never have you ever wished I looked like another girl or acted like another girl. You simply love and care for me and that’s all I could ever ask. Every person in this world is a unique different person and understanding that means a lot.

The third most important thing I must thank you is teaching me how to one day in the future treat a potential girlfriend that I may interact with as a mother. I am not a mother, but I one day plan to be. If I ever have a son it is because of how you treated me that I am able to be a humble loving mother to this new face that could one day walk into my door. How you have treated me has taught me how I should one day be in the future and I thank you for that.

This may seem all over the place but that’s how my brain gets when I try and thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s all so much and even the little things are so important so I promise my scattered thoughts are all with good intentions and not meant to bombard you. I just want to get the idea across to you that you are important and special to me and everything you do does not go unnoticed.


Your Son’s Girlfriend

Cover Image Credit: Christian Images and Quotes

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'The Favourite' Is As Good As They Come

"The Favourite" features some beautiful camerawork and cinematography, superb costumes, excellent acting, and a top-notch script.


One of my favorite films of last year was "Phantom Thread" which was an illustration of a manic dressmaker's love in post-war London. While "The Favourite" occurs much earlier and around much different circumstances, the film brings about a similar essence that is in a word, superb.

THE FAVOURITE Official Trailer #2 (2018) Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz Movie HD YouTube

"The Favourite" is incredibly hard to explain without giving away major plot details, so I'll only give a brief explanation of what surrounds the film. After a poor and distraught Abigail (Emma Stone) seeks refuge in the kingdom of the current Queen of England Anne, a lot ends up coming her way including politics, war, love triangles, and a violent fight for power.

Emma Stone gives one of her best performances of her career, proving that she can act not just as a sweet and endearing lady, but also as a stone cold viper. It's definitely a new kind of acting for Stone, and she just nailed it as usual.

Rachel Weisz is also quite excellent, doing the exact same things Emma Stone does in her acting. Almost every character in this film is two-faced and it's portrayed with unexpected ease that makes the film entirely more interesting to watch.

With that being said, one of the most noticeable parts of "The Favourite" is how each character changes so drastically in a matter of minutes. Minor characters change rather quickly while the more major characters use the entire film to take a much different persona than we are introduced to. I for one love when we see huge changes in characters over the course of any art because I feel it more teaches us about the different personalities and feelings people can develop over time, or that they held them initially, to begin with, and I find that to be a huge theme of "The Favourite."

Another aspect of the film that I adore is that of the soundtrack. There's not really an original score to this film, but rather a collection of classical songs that fit the scene beautiful. I can't get Vivaldi's Viola d'amore Concerto out of my head, as it rings through the film from start to finish. It's tone and emotion fit the film perfectly, and the choice to include it was genius.

My only reservation is that I wish the film were longer! It was so excellent that I wanted more from this world, and I specifically wanted more closure on the ending that was truly shocking and unbelievable. I simply just wanted more closure.

With that being set aside, "The Favourite" is as complete a film as it can get. It features some beautiful camerawork and cinematography, superb costumes, excellent acting, and a top-notch script. This film is shocking and engaging from start to finish and you won't regret giving it a watch on your next theatre visit.

Final Score: 9.9/10

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