Lana Del Rey's New Album Is Beautiful In Every Way

The poetic and profound music of Lana del Rey offers timeless sounds including dark love songs, airy vocals, and beautiful imagery. Her sixth debut album "Norman F——ing Rockwell!" released on August 30 and has already flourished in popularity. Her unique sound and art are reflected in this album, forcing every listener to take a trip into a colorful world trapped within summertime nostalgia.

Lana has experimented with her music style in previous records all while keeping her same, unique sound. Each of her albums brings something new to what we know as music, and this could be why she is so successful as an artist. Her previous album, Lust For Life featured tracks with The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, and Stevie Nicks. Her newest album includes a cover of Sublime's Doin' Time, beautifully crossed into female vocals. She never fails at bringing her vision to her music. Lana has created her own sound, one that is captivating in writing and tone.

NFR! carries many similar notes of Lana's earlier albums. Playing with layered vocals and orchestral melodies, the album mixes old sounds with timely lyrics. Feminism, activism, critique, pop culture and romance are all reoccurring themes in Lana's music. She takes her political discords and expresses them into her lyrics, creating works of art that not only sound good but contain deeper messages for change. Without a doubt, NFR! shows the world that Lana del Rey is a genius in the way she makes music and influences the industry.

The comedic title track refers to an immature "man-child" being too wrapped up in his selfishness to deserve her time. Love song is a Lana Del Rey classic, bringing many fans back to her original sounds and songs of failed romances with pretty piano melodies. The Next Best American Record is another song reflecting on past love, mixing slow verses with pop beats.

Listening to this album takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Her music is raw, elegant, and always burning with passion. NFR! plays like a movie; somewhat nostalgic and dreamy, creating emotions of love and loss through which one might have no experience of. Each song can cause you to feel in a way that is hard to explain. With many references to icons of the past, while also touching on images of the 60s and 70s, Lana's work will reign forever as visual and musical masterpieces.

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