The first time I visited Denver, CO was the first time I met the boys of LXA. I was kind of skeptical about a house full of boys, but my worries vanished as soon as I walked in. The moment I arrived, boys were drinking, and they offered me a cold one. I was relieved to not have to deal with the whole ego thing, and everyone was just actually being chill. I've never been more comfortable putting my guard down in a frat house — I didn't even think "comfortable" and "frat house" could be in the same sentence. This year I came back for formal, and it was easily the best weekend of my life. I spent time with the girls, Neta and Danica, spent my mornings in the hot tub, and rode a school bus that was turned into a bar! Lambda Chi is probably the best frat out west and here's why.

1. Lambda Chi's 7 core values are the Army's values

Evan, why are your values the same as the Army values? Are you an Army frat?

Evan had no freaking idea. I guess none of the boys make an effort to remember it's founders and history, so I had to Google it. Hold and behold, LXA is modeled after the Army values...of course.

LDRSHP...if you read it slowly it says LeaDer SHiP. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal courage.

Not saying that correlation is causation, but perhaps it is...

2. The boys get along


Not to be emotional, but like after dropping my sorority, I started questioning if Greek life was just a scam. Although most frats/srats suck at actual sisterhood and brotherhood, LXA exhibits how true brotherhood should be. No one is mean to each other, and everyone basically just f*cks around and has a good time. Not sure how all these boys get along, but they all at least respect each other. Everyone cares about each other, and during formal everyone left the hotel rooms unlocked (or maybe just a couple people), and nothing was stolen or went missing. I was amazed at all the freedom they have, yet chose to do the right thing.

In Denver, frat formals are a weekend ordeal. You leave Friday and return Sunday. They rent out a hotel and everyone spends the day in the hot tub, and jumping from room to room, until formal.

3. Kerek is the president

Kerek Spinney, what a guy! It was friendship at first sight. He's the guy with the snowflake suit in the next picture. Kerek is one of the most understanding people I've ever met. He's a great listener, and I honestly don't know he does it.

4. You can stay at the house and feel safe

The whole gender thing is a non-issue. I've been to some frat houses in the south and I did not feel safe. But here, it's chill. Girlfriends, girl sisters, girl cousins, girl mothers, and lady girls are all welcome. Not sure if it's the Colorado culture, but every boy has manners. Not just manners, but I guess they're just not creepy.

5. They boys are chill

How chill are the boys? Chill enough to wear sandals to formal! Even when it's 55 degrees. It's refreshing honestly, seeing how little time is spent on things that don't really matter.

6. The boys will make you feel welcome

Not to brag, but I'm about to brag. Sometimes, guys get angry when they drink, I get it, it happens. This formal was perfect. Everyone was so loving, and hugging and just sending and receiving good vibes.

7. The boys (usually) bring really chill girls around

To be fair, girls can be really annoying, I mean look how psycho I am! So I understand, especially when you're an underclassman. College can really get the best of you, and truthfully sometimes you need to learn a couple of hard lessons before you start to become a better person. About 65% of the guys have really cool girlfriends, or girls they hook up with. Before you start snickering, 65% is an impressive number. Considering, you know, that they're in college.

8. The boys have a band

Not all frat boys are musically challenged. I had no idea the boys had a band, and that is honestly so hot. They actually perform, and when they have a ghetty, they play! It's like a free concert.

9. The boys have (some) manners

My first college party, I was wearing a halter top that ties in the back. Like a normal person, I tied a bow. 2 hours into the party a guy untied my shirt and ran off. I was so embarrassed, but I'm glad my hands were on my solo cup, and I caught the shirt before I flashed the world. Needless to say, this party happened in Southwest Florida.

Not to say that all guys suck, but I was so scared of something "weird" happening. Matter of fact, multiple times girls had a nip slip, and guys would help you out and tell you. Dupont even told me, in the nicest way possible, that I had a leaf between my teeth. It takes genuine people to tell you, that you look like shit!

10. The boys just want to have a good time

When you meet Geff, you will know exactly what I am talking about (guy in picture #9). Until then, you just have to know that on Saturday I wanted to go to the gym. Geff came into our room around 8 a.m., after being locked out of his room. Around 7 a.m., Geff started to drink, so by the time he came into our room, he was six Nattys in. He looks at me and says, "bro don't be a *beep* and come drink with us." First of all, peer pressure works on me, and second of all, okay.

We were on a bender, and the boys will hold you accountable for it. You only have 48 hours to let go of everything that's stressing you out in your life, and drink. It's actually kind of magical, it's a cleanse. A beer kind of cleanse.