Last week Pete Wentz sent Fall Out Boy fans into a frenzy by posting yet another half-done to-do list on his twitter. Among the tasks was a crossed out "Mania experience blueprint", the since done "release the Bishops Knife Trick video" (the "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" themed video can be watched here), a "Reading and Leeds productivity design", and a crossed out "Lake Effect Kid EP record and design".

In short: It's a good day to be a Fall Out Boy fan.

For those who aren't versed in the 2008 nuances of Fall Out Boy, "Lake Effect Kid" was a demo released through Wentz's label Decaycance (Now DCD2) on "CitizensFOB Mixtape: Welcome To The New Administration." Released on the backbone of a cryptic campaign which included several Fueled by Ramen artists, the mixtape became the stepping stone for the label's launch as well as a publicity stunt to promote Fall Out Boy's fourth studio album "Folie à Deux."

Not much ever came of the mixtape past its initial release, but "Lake Effect Kid" has remained a fan favorite despite it only existing as a demo and on YouTube. The re-release of the classic, along with the promise of a new old-school EP, is adding up to thousands of excited Car Crash Hearts.